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Gum Disease

Periodontitis – Everything You Need To Know About this Serious Gum Infection

Aug 1, 2016919 Views

Periodontitis is a severe case of gum infection in which there is inflammation around the affected tooth. The infection destroys the bone supporting the tooth and soft tissues of the gum. Poor dental hygiene is the leading cause of Periodontitis. How is Periodontitis Caused? Our mouth is regularly exposed to plaque-forming bacteria which initiates the […]

Taking Care of your ‘Gum’ Problems

Jun 14, 2016896 Views

A dental issue which is not given adequate attention by many is the health of gums. Gum maintenance is something most people tend to ignore as they suffer from the delusion that their gums will always stay in ‘perfect’ condition come what may. However, the reality is very different—you’ll develop ‘gum ‘problems if you do […]

Trouble in Your Mouth? Here is What You Can Do about It!

Jan 20, 2016810 Views

Do you feel a sharp and intense pain when you bite down on you food? Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? Do you have a loose tooth? If you are one of the unlucky individuals dealing with any of the above issues, you should stop feeling so down in the dumps about […]


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