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How Effective Is Dental Oral Sedation?

July 26, 2017 1217 Views

There are many kinds of dental sedation your dentist can offer. One of the most common options is oral sedation. As always, discuss your options with the dentist and ensure you are choosing the right type of sedation for your procedure and for you personally. There are some ways to know if oral sedation is … Continue reading “How Effective Is Dental Oral Sedation?”

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Why Does My Dentist Offer IV Sedation?

July 13, 2017 648 Views

There are many types of sedation available at the doctor and dentist. All sedation is put in place to make you, the patient, more comfortable and make the treatment as pleasant as possible. Most dentists offer a few different types of sedation, such as inhaled sedation or IV sedation. Inhaled sedation is the normal sedation … Continue reading “Why Does My Dentist Offer IV Sedation?”

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction-Best Done Under Sedation

April 18, 2017 728 Views

Did your last visit to the dentist include the phrase “wisdom tooth extraction?” Many people shudder at the idea of having their wisdom teeth removed. Unfortunately, if you have decay present or the wisdom teeth did not come through properly, removal is often recommended by your dentist. On the bright side, opting for anesthesia, (an … Continue reading “Wisdom Tooth Extraction-Best Done Under Sedation”

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