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For your dental care our dental care center posts informative blogs through which you can stay aware and healthy.

Looking for a family dentist in Cypress? You might want to make sure your family dentist is also a Wellness Dentist, providing much more than the typical dentistry services. It may help your overall health in more ways than you thought it could. Do you know if your family dentist in Cypress offers Wellness Dentistry … Continue reading “Isn’t Every Family Dentist in Cypress a Wellness Dentist?”

When children get braces, the process often represents a transition from childhood to adulthood. The ‘baby’ teeth have gone, and the adult teeth are in, but some improvement in alignment may be necessary. Young adults want to look their best in all situations, so braces are the answer. For adults, on the other hand, often, … Continue reading “Considering Braces? Ask Your Family Dentist in Cypress about Invisalign”

Dental checkups are an essential part of everyone’s health program. Sometimes people feel they can be skipped, but it’s important to see your family dentist in Cypress for your checkup at least twice a year. A thorough exam gives you the comfort of knowing your teeth, gums, and mouth are the best they can be. … Continue reading “What’s Involved in a Dental Check-up at Your Family Dentist in Cypress?”

When you visit the dentist to correct a cavity, you may be asking yourself whether your family dentist in Cypress is going to restore your tooth with an inlay (a filling), an onlay, or a crown. Each of these approaches is slightly different, and each is designed to repair increasing degrees of damage from the … Continue reading “Your Family Dentist in Cypress Provides High-Quality Onlays”

Many people are not aware of the strong connection between the physiology of the mouth, head, and neck and the overall health of the total body. Often patients view visits to the dentist as merely the process of checking out the health of their mouth and gums. The reality is, however, that there is a … Continue reading “Village Park’s Holistic Approach to Wellbeing Founded in TMJ Dentistry”

We’ve all heard about the many foods we should avoid when we want to keep our teeth healthy. In this blog, I’m going to present a few tips on foods you can eat that are not only tasty but are also helpful for your teeth and gums. We all know to avoid candy and sugary … Continue reading “Food Tips for Healthy Teeth from Your Family Dentist in Cypress”

As important as it is to make your biannual checkups with your affordable dentist in 77429, you can increase the benefits you receive from your appointment by bringing with you a check-list of questions or concerns you may have. Seeing your dentist only twice a year means your time to discuss oral health is necessarily … Continue reading “Make a Check-List for Your Checkup with Your Affordable Dentist in 77429”

If you don’t look forward to trips to the ice cream shop or going out with friends for hot coffee because of tooth sensitivity, then you should schedule an appointment with your family dentist in Cypress for a consultation. Tooth sensitivity is not only annoying, but it may signal severe dental health issues that should … Continue reading “Do You Have Sensitive Teeth? Talk to Your Family Dentist in Cypress”

For most of us, if we have ever had a filling, our teeth were repaired with a material called ‘amalgam,’ which is the silver looking material the dentist mashed into the cavity once it had been cleaned out and prepared. The amalgam itself is made up of a mixture of the powder of several metals … Continue reading “How Safe are Amalgam Fillings? Talk to Your Family Dentist in Cypress”

Tooth decay can be a serious problem, especially in children. Often we recognize the cavity after it has eaten away at the tooth, left a hole, and, maybe, even caused a toothache. With proper care, brushing, and healthy eating habits, much tooth decay might be avoided. It’s important to understand what causes tooth decay and … Continue reading “Tips about Sugar and Tooth Decay from Your Family Dentist in Cypress”

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