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While everyone wants to help their kids maintain healthy smiles, wellness dentistry for children goes beyond aesthetics. Find out how kids’ dentistry with a focus on overall wellness can have a positive impact on your little ones’ oral health. What is Wellness Dentistry? In the minds of many, dentistry focuses solely on the teeth.Does pregnancy change the way you need to view dental care? For expectant mothers, the management of overall wellness is vital, and this includes oral health. Be aware of the myths and misconceptions that can interfere with pregnant women getting the care they need.When you need orthodontic care, choosing an orthodontist who understands the physiologic connection between oral and whole-body health is vital. Find out how orthodontic care can affect your entire body, and how an expert care provider can help you achieve healthier, more beautiful teeth.We are the dental experts. We are here to help make oral hygiene and dental care easy and accessible for you and your family. This is the commitment from our dental family to yours. We promise to offer the finest dental care to all ages in a professional, friendly, and clean environment. Its quality over quantity for us! We are devoted to offering high-end dental experiences at Village Park Family Dental by staying updated with the latest trends and improvements in all areas of dentistry. Our communications to our patients regularly reflect our knowledge, skills, and abilities. Come visit us today! At Village Park Family Dental, it is our mission to make your dental experience a welcoming and happy saga of excellent oral health and hygiene for you.

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Get Better Sleep With a Nightguard

January 30, 2020

Are you tossing and turning at night? So many of us struggle to get quality sleep, which can lead to a variety of physical and mental health problems. If you feel like you’ve tried everything and still can’t get a good night’s sleep, you might have a dental issue causing your insomnia. In this article, … Continue reading “Get Better Sleep With a Nightguard”

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Should I Try a Charcoal Toothpaste?

January 15, 2020

Lately, we’ve noticed some holistic trends in dental care. Charcoal toothpaste is one of the trends that has taken off. But is this toothpaste really effective? Is it a safer alternative to traditional toothpaste? Keep reading for the truth about this trend. Why Charcoal? Charcoal is becoming a popular ingredient in natural skincare and dental … Continue reading “Should I Try a Charcoal Toothpaste?”

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Orthodontic Consultations for Kids

December 30, 2019

Will your little one need braces in the future? For most kids, the answer isn’t obvious. It’s true that some individuals will have complex misalignments that lead parents to consult an orthodontist. But for most people, braces are used to correct minor alignment issues so teeth can function properly. Read on to learn who needs … Continue reading “Orthodontic Consultations for Kids”

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Dealing With a Dental Fracture

December 15, 2019

Do you have a cracked tooth? Dental trauma can be embarrassing and painful. Fortunately, dentists have a few different solutions to deal with this issue. If you have a cracked tooth, read on to learn about the help that is available. What is a Dental Fracture? A dental fracture is a break or cracks on … Continue reading “Dealing With a Dental Fracture”

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Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers?

November 30, 2019

Dental veneers are a very popular cosmetic dentistry option and it’s easy to see why. They provide patients with dramatic smile makeovers without the use of dental implants or complex surgeries. If you have all of your permanent teeth but are unhappy with the size, shape, or alignment of your teeth, veneers might be the … Continue reading “Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers?”

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Relieve Dental Anxiety Naturally With NuCalm

November 15, 2019

Some patients feel a bit of anxiety before a big dental procedure or surgery. However, other patients experience extreme stress and discomfort before any dental procedure, including simple checkups. If you have a dental phobia, your symptoms might even stop you from visiting the dentist altogether. Don’t let anxiety stop you from getting dental care! … Continue reading “Relieve Dental Anxiety Naturally With NuCalm”

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3 Warning Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

October 30, 2019

If you are suffering from tooth decay, you might need a root canal. During a root canal, your dentist will remove the infected pulp from your tooth. They will then clean and fill the site to restore your tooth and prevent further damage from the decay. Root canals have a reputation for being painful, but … Continue reading “3 Warning Signs You Might Need a Root Canal”

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3 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Pediatric Dentist

October 15, 2019

Taking your child to the dentist every six months is one of the most effective ways to protect their oral health. Pediatric dentists are trained to provide age-specific dental care for kids. Regular visits will help your child stay healthy and will also foster good oral hygiene habits early in life. They are also an … Continue reading “3 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Pediatric Dentist”

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Avoiding Dry Sockets After Your Tooth Extraction

September 30, 2019

If you are having a tooth extraction, you know how important it is to stay comfortable during your recovery. Dry sockets are a common but painful condition that can impact how quickly your surgery site heals. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prevent dry sockets. Keep reading to learn more. What are … Continue reading “Avoiding Dry Sockets After Your Tooth Extraction”

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How Do Dental Fillings Work?

September 20, 2019

Dental fillings are a very common and helpful procedure. Most people will deal with a cavity at some point in their lives, and fillings are the most common cavity treatment. But how exactly do fillings work? Are they safe? Keep reading for everything you need to know about dental fillings. Who Needs a Filling If … Continue reading “How Do Dental Fillings Work?”

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