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For your dental care our dental care center posts informative blogs through which you can stay aware and healthy.

Of all the painful conditions you might expect a dentist to treat, shoulder pain is probably the least likely to come to mind. Your LVI Global trained dentist at Village Park, including family, orthodontics and wellness dentistry, can help you find relief for pain in your neck and shoulder, when it’s related to temporomandibular joint … Continue reading “Why Shoulder Pain Might Lead You to an LVI Global Trained Dentist”

If you suffer from periodontal disease, you already know it can increase your risk of everything from tooth loss to heart disease. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that attacks the tissue and bone supporting affected teeth. Over time, periodontal pocket depth increases, and the active infection may start to spread to healthy areas of … Continue reading “The Benefits of Putting Antibiotics Below the Gum Line”

Have you or someone in your family been diagnosed with an orofacial myofunctional disorder? Abnormal patterns of movement in the musculature of the face and mouth can have far-reaching implications, from difficulty breathing and conditions like sleep apnea to dental and speech problems. While your dentist may not be the first person who comes to … Continue reading “The Benefits of Myofunctional Therapy”

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you know it involves more than just a loud snore. While the American Sleep Apnea Association’s research indicates about 90 million people snore at night, only about 18 million of those suffer from sleep apnea, which is a serious sleep disorder with potentially deadly consequences. What is Sleep Apnea? … Continue reading “Help for Sleep Apnea in Cypress”

Millions of Americans suffer from headaches every day. Problems with the temporomandibular joint or TMJ is the cause of many of those headaches. Relief from TMJ pain is available through physiologic based dentistry in Cypress. This approach to treating TMJ issues may not only relieve your headache pain but also help you feel and look … Continue reading “Treating TMJ Through a Physiologic Based Dentistry in Cypress”

Your dental hygienist does a great job of keeping your teeth and gums healthy and clean during each visit to the dentist. However, there is nothing like knowing you take those lessons home with you to put a smile on her face. Science is bringing us innovative new products all the time. There are so … Continue reading “Dental Hygiene Products That Will Truly Help Your Mouth”

In an age where Invisalign® clear aligners are available from the dentist, adult patients often wonder if there is any need to even consider traditional braces. However, orthodontics is not all about how the device used looks. When you trust your dental care to Village Park Family Dental, we perform a full evaluation of your … Continue reading “Should an Adult Choose Invisalign or Braces for Orthodontics?”

If you are looking for a family dentist in Cypress, choose a provider who can offer a completely comprehensive approach to treatment through physiologic dentistry. LVI trained dentists do more than treat teeth and gums. An LVI trained family dentist in Cypress will look at the complete picture, including musculature, bones and teeth. This perspective … Continue reading “Why Choose an LVI Trained Family Dentist in Cypress”

You may be surprised at the dental issues that have an impact on the quality of your sleep. If you have ever had a toothache at night, you understand how that pain can keep you up, pacing the floor and wishing for a miracle from your family dentist in Cypress. Infected teeth are not the … Continue reading “Sleep Better with Help from a Family Dentist in Cypress”

Your teeth are an important part of your overall health and wellbeing. Keeping them and your mouth and surrounding structures in the best health possible is crucial for you to look and feel your best. Working with an affordable dentist in 77429 who practices physiologic dentistry is the best way to do that. The Importance … Continue reading “Physiologic Dentistry from Your Affordable Dentist in 77429”

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