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3 Myth-Busting Tips About Dental Care for Expectant Mothers

February 15, 2019

Does pregnancy change the way you need to view dental care? For expectant mothers, the management of overall wellness is vital, and this includes oral health. Be aware of the myths and misconceptions that can interfere with pregnant women getting the care they need. Learn to separate facts from myths regarding oral health management during pregnancy.

Getting to the Bottom of Myths About Dental Care for Expectant Mothers

When it comes to pregnancy, myths and wives’ tales abound. This can make it difficult for patients to make informed decisions about their dental care. Unfortunately, too many patients skip dental visits altogether during their pregnancies, often due to worries about these common myths.

Myth #1. X-ray imaging is dangerous

– Concerns about the safety of x-ray imaging during pregnancy is one reason some women avoid the dentist while they’re expecting. You’ll be happy to know the American Dental Association‘s research indicates it’s safe to undergo these procedures when an appropriate x-ray apron is used.

Myth #2. Pregnancy doesn’t affect oral health

– Pregnancy brings changes to almost every part of the body in one way or another, and the mouth is no exception.  For expectant mothers, oral care is vitally important, because the hormonal changes of pregnancy can – and sometimes do – lead to things like pregnancy gingivitis, which strikes an estimated 60-75 percent of women during pregnancy. Morning sickness can also have a detrimental effect on oral health due to increased acidity it brings to your mouth.

Myth #3. Mom’s oral health doesn’t affect baby

– Taking good care of your oral health doesn’t just have an effect on you but also your unborn child. Dental caries can be passed on to babies, potentially, setting them up for future struggles.

Finding the Right Dental Care for Expectant Mothers

At Village Park Family, Orthodontics & Wellness Dentistry, we place the highest importance on the health of all our patients, even those who have yet to be born. Our extensively trained and educated dental care providers are ready to help you get the dental care you need during this exciting time; call today to learn more.

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