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What Is Wd?


Wellness dentistry is truly a comprehensive approach to both dental health and overall physical well-being. The dentist at Village Park complete a comprehensive assessment of the head and neck areas along with the mouth and teeth; the dentist then evaluates these in relation to the health of the entire body. We pride ourselves on wanting to make both your oral health and your overall physical health our top priority.

Many people today still think of dentistry as simply, ‘taking care of your teeth.’ However, this is no longer the case. Science has found many connections between a patient’s good oral health and that patient’s total physical health. At Village Park Dental, wellness dentistry incorporates all aspects of your oral and physical well-being. As part of our wellness program, we conduct comprehensive evaluations of teeth and the surrounding bone, ensure a proper bite, check movement of the TMJ joint, and evaluate head, neck, and shoulder areas. In addition, we also conduct oral cancer screening, examine for tooth decay, gum disease, proper teeth structure and placement, and other issues.

Head, neck, or shoulder pains are not only uncomfortable and distracting but could also be signaling other problems. At Village Park, our goal is to see you pain-free. Our evaluations are designed to address temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, head and neck muscle tension, sleep apnea, headaches related to facial muscles, snoring, and teeth grinding. If you have been living with undiagnosed head or neck pains, call on the dentists at Village Park Dental for a consultation and complete wellness evaluation. Simple appliances or facial muscle relaxation could be the answer you’re seeking.

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