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Laser Dentistry And Gum Recontouring Cypress, Texas 77429

In many cases, once a patient’s teeth have been corrected using veneers or other cosmetic techniques, a final step to shape and sculpt the gum line is necessary to create a radiant and impressive smile. This procedure is done using laser therapy by directing a fine laser beam along the gums to allow more of the patient’s teeth to show. In addition to making changes to the gum line, there are a number of other applications for laser therapy

  • Often children with braces do not brush well and, as a result, their gums may grow larger and cover portions of their teeth. Laser therapy can be used to sculpt the gum line to its original shape.
  • Laser therapy is also used in the treatment of gum disease. If following deep cleaning, bacteria continue to build up in tooth sockets or gaps along the gums, laser therapy might be used to eliminate the bacteria. The laser light beam can be directed into hard to reach places where it kills bacteria and helps the gums to heal.
  • Frenum are pieces of connective tissue that hold the tongue and upper lip in place. The lower frenum connects the tongue to the base of the mouth. Should this piece of tissue restrict the movement of the tongue, speaking and swallowing can be difficult. In this case, laser therapy is used to free the tongue. Making this correction provides for improved speech and swallowing.

The frenum that attaches behind the upper two teeth and holds them apart can also require sculpting. If this tissue is too long or too wide, an unsightly space is created between the two front teeth. To close this gap, laser therapy is used to reduce the size of the frenum and allow the two teeth to move together.
Village Park Family Dental Center uses the latest in laser technology to fight gum disease and sculpt gum lines for the best cosmetic appearance possible. We use the very latest equipment employing diode laser technology from major manufacturers. These devices are small, lightweight, and require less power than other types of laser equipment. Many laser technology advances have been made in recent years and have been utilized in devices such as the Gemini soft tissue laser by Ultradent, Picasso by AMD Lasers, and Light Scalpel by the Light Scalpel Company.

Laser therapy offers dental patients advantages not available just a few years ago. Adjusting a patient’s gum line to get just the right look can put the finishing touches on a beautiful new smile. Talk with your dentist at Village Park Dental about the advantages of laser therapy.

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