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Gum Disease Treatment Cypress, Texas 77429


Often people don’t think about the health of their gums when they think about dental care. Nevertheless, your gums are an essential part of the health of your mouth. They help support your teeth and act as a barrier to inflammation that may damage your body. The gums protect the teeth and the bone structure that support them. According to the WebMD website, gum disease has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and premature births. While a person may visit the dentist because they are concerned about cavities, it is equally important that each patient maintain healthy gums.

Gum disease begins with the build-up of plaque in tiny crevices between your teeth and gums. This plaque contains bacteria which, if not treated, can lead to infection and inflammation. As time passes, the inflammation worsens and leads to tooth loss.

An early sign of gum disease is a condition called Gingivitis which begins as a reddening of the gums. As the disease progresses, the gum separates from the teeth leading to further inflammation and loosening of the teeth. Intervention is needed to avoid losing the teeth.


Gingivitis is a condition of the gums caused by toxins produced by bacteria. These bacteria are present in the natural build-up of plaque on the gums and teeth. The disease is treatable and is recognized by swelling and bleeding of the gums, tooth pain, or bad breath. Should you have any of these symptoms, please call Village Park Dental and schedule an appointment to see one of our dentists. Once treated, gum disease can be prevented by following proper dental health practices at home. These methods include regular brushing and flossing as well as keeping your biannual dental checkups.

Gingivitis is a serious disease and should be treated by a dental professional. Without treatment, the condition gradually develops into periodontal disease and may result in tooth loss. General medical problems such as heart disease and diabetes have been linked to gum diseases, so early diagnosis and treatment are crucial. The dentists at Village Park are trained to recognize and treat gingivitis and are here to help you maintain good oral health.


If gingivitis is not treated, it could develop into a more serious form of gum disease called ‘periodontitis.’ This condition is an advanced form of periodontal disease and is a major cause of tooth loss. Symptoms of periodontitis include receding gums, pockets between gums and teeth, loose teeth, or tooth pain. The separation of the gums from teeth creates a pocket-like opening around your teeth where bacteria can accumulate. This bacteria build-up further aggravates the problem causing inflammation and damage to teeth and bone.

Should you have any of these symptoms, you should see a dental professional as soon as possible. Both gingivitis and periodontitis are treatable using techniques such as deep cleaning, sub-gingival irrigation, and antibacterial mouthwash. Call Village Dental Center today and schedule an appointment, (281) 376-4444.

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