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Root Canal Therapy Cypress, Texas 77429

Occasionally, tooth decay will advance to the point that it becomes severely infected resulting in dead or dying internal tooth material. When this arises, a simple filling is not enough to adequately treat the condition. In these cases, the dentist will perform a root canal. This process involves using special tools to drill out the damaged portion of the tooth, then making a crown to restore the tooth to its original shape and color.

Once the root canal is complete, the dentist will fill the opening made to access the tooth, and then will start preparing the tooth for its protective crown. An impression of the tooth and the crown is sent to an outside lab. While waiting for the crown, the dentist will protect the tooth by using a temporary filling. This temporary filling is removed when the crown is available, and the crown is cemented into place in the tooth. Unless treated, a severely decayed tooth will continue to deteriorate until it is ultimately lost. Root canals prevent the loss of badly decayed teeth and return the tooth to its natural appearance. Village Park Dental specializes in all aspects of dental practice including performing root canals.

If you have an aching or damaged tooth that’s hurting, call Village Park Dental. We offer same day appointments for individuals with tooth pains. We believe you should not have to go through another day with a toothache, and we are here to help. Call today, (281) 376-4444.

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