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Tmj Symptoms Cypress, Texas 77429

Migraines / Other Headaches

The jaw is supported and moved by a complex set of muscles in the face and throat areas. When a person’s jaw and bite are out of alignment, excessive stresses are placed on these muscles. Other nearby muscles may also experience stresses. The effect of these stresses is a headache or, even, a migraine. Correct alignment of the teeth and jaw through dental intervention can help align the bite and reduce stresses which may be causing the headaches.

Jaw Pain, Locking Of The Jaw And/Or ‘Clicking’ Of The Joint

In some patients, TMJ disorders develop as stiffness in the jaw joint and difficulty opening and closing the mouth. In some cases, the jaw joint will produce a ‘clicking’ or ‘popping’ sound when it is opened and closed, or the patient will experience the sensation of not being able to close the mouth because the jaw is ‘locked.’

Facial, Neck, Or Shoulder Pain

In some cases, TMJ disorders give rise to facial pains, as well as pains in areas such as the ears, or neck, or shoulder. These pains are caused by undue stresses on the complex of muscles and tendons that make up the TMJ system. As with headaches, these stresses may be caused by misalignment of the bottom jaw and teeth with the rest of the mouth.

If you experience any of these symptoms, believe you may suffer from a TMJ disorder, or are planning extensive orthodontic work, then you should discuss your situation with our dentists. The dentists at Village Park Dental are happy to discuss your symptoms and develop any evaluations or treatment plans that may be needed. Call today, (281) 376-4444.

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