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Traditional Braces

Attached metal bands and wires have been the foundation of orthodontics beginning as early as the eighteenth century, according to Wikipedia. By 1819 wire and band braces were being used and by the early twentieth-century application of force was being used to move teeth into proper position. Today, stainless steel bands and wires are still popular and are the most commonly used option to straighten patients’ teeth. At Village Park Family Dental, the metal braces we use are top of the line products incorporating the latest and most modern technologies. Our treatment plans for you and/or your child are conservative and carefully designed to insure the very best outcomes possible. We believe our patient care is ‘best in class.’

The orthodontic plan must be developed for each patient based on an evaluation of that patient’s particular situation. Often, however, brackets are bonded onto the front of each tooth to which wires are fastened. In other cases, bands which wrap around the teeth are attached and provide the anchor for the brackets. Wires are attached to the brackets and provide the forces that apply pressure to the teeth. As pressure is applied, the jaw bone gradually moves and brings the teeth into the desired position.

An alternative to metal bands is clear braces made from either a ceramic material or plastic. The clear braces are used to work in conjunction with clear elastic ties that apply the force needed to cause the teeth to move. For patients allergic to the nickel in stainless steel, gold plated, or titanium braces are available.

In both cases, the objective of the procedure is the gradual realignment of teeth through the application of pressures to cause the teeth to move into new positions. Over time the patient’s teeth move into place to give the patient a new look, a pleasing smile, and a fresh self-confidence.

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