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In the past, orthodontic treatments were, for the most part, limited to children and young adults. Today, however, both children and increasing numbers of adults are seeking orthodontic treatments. There’s good reason for this as more and more individuals are feeling self-conscience about their appearance, especially their teeth.

Orthodontics addresses a variety of problems. Chief among these are ‘bite’ problems (termed malocclusions), crowded or protruding teeth, missing teeth or gaps, and extra or too few teeth. Straightening a person’s teeth not only improves that person’s self-confidence, but it also provides a number of important dental health benefits.

A well-spaced and orderly set of teeth makes brushing and flossing easier and much more effective than trying to clean tightly spaced and overlapping teeth. Also, an incorrect bite, due to crooked teeth, causes teeth to wear unevenly and places unnecessary stresses on your gums and jaw. These problems can result in eating or speaking difficulties.

Many of today’s corrective procedures involve the use of inconspicuous alignment methods such as Invisalign. Adults appreciate the fact that clear material aligners are barely visible to others and can be removed for eating or for that special night out. Metal braces are the mainstay of orthodontics, however, and still offer an effective alternative to clear aligners.

The dentist at Village Park Dental Center is ready to help you achieve straight teeth and an attractive smile through orthodontics. We will analyze your teeth, develop an orthodontic treatment plan, illustrate how your teeth will move and relocate, and show you what your smile will look like when the process is finished. Attractive, straight teeth are the ‘gold standard’ in today’s celebrity-focused world. Make an appointment today with the dentists at Village Park Dental to discuss your options and orthodontic possibilities. You will be glad you started, and you will love the results. Call (281) 376-4444 and speak with one of our friendly staff.

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