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How Many Cavities Is Normal For An Adult?

Feb 15, 20242706 Views

Cavities are formed when harmful bacteria dig into your enamel and try to find their way inside the pulp. Its target is the main structure of your tooth. These bacteria usually come from the sugary snacks and beverages you consume. Now, cavities won’t affect just one tooth but multiple at a time, and how many […]

The Impact And Benefits Of Laser Teeth Cleaning

Jan 30, 20243999 Views

Gone are when you had a spa day for your teeth and your dentist lifted a scaler to drill down the layers of plaque and tartar from your teeth, just like you start your skincare routine with a nice cleanser. The laser also serves the same purpose, but gently. Laser dentistry also avoids the problems […]

How Often Should You Get Your Teeth Cleaned At The Dental Office?

Jan 15, 20243752 Views

Give your dental hygienist no chance to say yikes upon your next dental exam. This is only possible if you maintain good personal oral hygiene. Over time, the plaque and tartar buildup become stubborn. Your dental floss and toothbrush cannot reach every nook and cranny inside your mouth. Think of it like washing your car; […]

How to Stop Cheek Biting?

Dec 30, 20231627 Views

Cheek biting sounds like a harmless habit like nail biting. Nails are hard bone-like tissues; they might not be damaged due to biting. However, the insides of your cheek are fragile and soft tissues, and even a minor injury to your oral tissues can go a long way in terms of complications. Why Do I […]

Suitable Treatments To Fix Overlapping Front Teeth

Dec 15, 20232480 Views

You can look at a misaligned set of teeth and instantly figure out that some of these pearls couldn’t find a space to fit in your dental arch. Misaligned teeth are far beyond a cosmetic concern. There are plenty of other complications they can cause, such as jaw pain and problems in chewing and speaking. […]

What Do Dentists Do To Repair A Chipped Tooth

Nov 30, 20231342 Views

Have you ever touched the edges of your teeth and found that one or a few are very rough? This can be due to chippings in your teeth. Your tooth is probably the part of your body that cannot repair itself. Ameloblasts are responsible for producing the protective layer over dentin, called enamel. However, it’s […]

Symptoms Of Ill-Fitting Dental Bridge

Nov 15, 20232897 Views

A dental bridge is another gift of dental science in the form of a fixed restoration. A dental restoration solves one or more missing teeth in your mouth so you can confidently speak and enjoy meals. However, like any other dental device, dental bridges are also prone to malfunction for multiple reasons. Why Does My […]

6 Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Oct 30, 20234779 Views

Mankind has always been conscious of its imperfections, especially the physical ones. Do you know that around 48% of young adults untagged themselves from Facebook’s photos just because of their imperfect smile? This low intolerance to imperfections has given rise to the rapid advancements in the cosmetic industry, whether it’s facial cosmetic surgery or dental, […]

10 Personalized Full-Face Orthodontic Plans

Oct 15, 2023563 Views

Orthodontic plans are a perfect blend of art and science used to transform smiles. From acknowledging the ground-breaking technologies molding advanced orthodontics to discovering smart strategies that motivate, we are going to discuss the power of customized dental care. What is a Full-Face Orthodontic Plan? A full-face orthodontic plan is a complete dental blueprint that […]

How to Choose a Wellness Dentist for Personalized Care?

Sep 30, 20231468 Views

Seeking a professional wellness dentist is a significant choice that extends the boundaries of regular dental treatments. Your oral health is closely related to your entire well-being, and a well-informed wellness dentist is a master in protecting both. Past the orthodox scope of dentistry, a wellness dentist maintains a comprehensive outlook, focusing on the interaction […]


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