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5 Sleep Apnea Treatments You Should Know About

Mar 15, 20231482 Views

People who suffer from sleep apnea stop breathing in their sleep or experience pauses in breathing. Although it can be scary, there are sleep apnea treatments to improve your condition. But can sleep apnea be cured? The answer to that is complicated since treatments and lifestyle changes help manage or reverse the condition. However, there […]

Why Do I Have Swollen Gums With Braces? Are they Treatable?

Feb 28, 20231198 Views

Do you have swollen gums with your braces? Dental braces are orthodontic appliances to move your misaligned teeth into proper positions. Even though the treatment is effective, it can cause redness and soreness in the gums. Your gums tend to swell when your braces are new and are being adjusted. However, swollen gums could indicate […]

The Braces Procedure — How Long Does it Take?

Feb 15, 20232106 Views

Do you have misaligned teeth? If yes, your dentist might recommend wearing braces to straighten them. Braces can help eliminate dental issues like gaps, crooked teeth, and more. However, many people wonder, “How long does it take to get braces?” In this blog, we will explain what to expect when getting braces. Keep reading to […]

4 Different Types of Partial Dnetures For Front Teeth

Jan 30, 20232003 Views

Despite what the cartoons show, not everyone needs a full set of dentures. Sometimes, a partial treatment is just what’s needed. A person falling face first will most likely damage their front teeth. Similarly, accidents or injuries that target a set number of teeth need to be treated accordingly —- this is where partial dentures […]

What Do Your Teeth Look Like Under Veneers?

Jan 15, 20231725 Views

Dental veneers are a big commitment. It’s not easy sitting through with a dentist shaving off the enamel of your teeth. But no matter how intimidating it might seem, the results are well worth it. A treatment fit for damaged or stained teeth, dental veneers are the perfect cosmetic dentistry option. Although, most people are […]

5 Effective Ways To Relieve Wisdom Tooth Pain

Dec 30, 20221402 Views

Everyone knows about the pain that comes with wisdom teeth. It’s a way for them to announce their arrival, so jaw pain and constant migraines are a given. But after some time, the pain can get too much to bear. Moreover, if the wisdom tooth is still growing, it might not be ready to be […]

Can an Ear Infection Cause Jaw Pain, or is it Just TMJ Disorder?

Dec 15, 2022526 Views

If you’re suffering from intense pain in your ear, jaw, and throat, you just might have an ear infection. But can an ear infection cause jaw pain? As unlikely as it seems, the answer is yes. An ear infection can lead to severe discomfort and pain in your jaw, neck, sinuses, as well as your […]

My Teeth Are Breaking into Pieces — What to Do?

Nov 30, 2022470 Views

You might not believe it, but tooth enamel is the strongest and hardest material in our body — even more so than our bones! They withstand daily wear and tear, help us bite or chew, and a lot more. So when your teeth start breaking off, there’s an underlying reason behind it. Thus, continue reading […]

5 Types of Veneers You Should Know About

Nov 15, 20226613 Views

Veneers are in demand in the cosmetic dentistry world. Since they cover your teeth’ flaws by blending in with your natural teeth, dental veneers are a popular choice for a pearly smile. You no longer have to be conscious about your smile if your tooth is cracked, chipped, stained, gapped, etc. With the many benefits […]

Here’s How You Can Treat & Prevent White Spots on Your Teeth

Oct 30, 20221237 Views

Polka dots might be fashionable, but finding white spots on teeth isn’t exactly haute couture. In fact, any kind of spots, lesions, or marks arising on your pearly whites should be taken as a serious warning sign. After all, if left untreated, you could risk losing your teeth once and for all. What Causes White […]