NuCalm® Cypress, Texas 77429

Serving NorthWest Houston

Serving NorthWest Houston
(Cypress, Tomball, Spring, Woodlands, Conroe, and Surrounding Areas)

NuCalm® is a proprietary relaxation technique developed by Solace Lifesciences, Inc. and is specifically designed to help people lower stress. According to the NuCalm® website, this approach ‘is an all-natural, drug-free, stress intervention system that rapidly and reliably interrupts the stress response.’ For many individuals, NuCalm® is one of the best relaxers available today.

Use of this technique is completed in four easy steps and brings on the relaxation response in 3 to 5 minutes. First, the patient applies a proprietary topical cream or chews several dietary supplements. These products have been specially formulated to work in conjunction with the NuCalm® technique. Next, small micro-current stimulation patches are placed behind the ears which helps start the relaxation effect. Then, headphones are worn which work to both dampen noise and bring your brainwave pace to the pre-sleep stages. Finally, a light blocking eye mask is put in place to eliminate light distractions that may interfere with developing the proper level of relaxation.

These four steps work together to bring on a powerful and effective relaxation experience, well suited for those who experience anxiety in the dental chair. Talk to the dentist at Village Park Dental about which relaxation method is best suited for you. NuCalm® might be just the ticket for an improved and, even, relaxing experience when at the dentist. You may never fear the dental chair again.