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Choosing a wellness or pain help

Wellness dentistry is an overall evaluation of the head and neck region, including the mouth and teeth, as it relates to the entire body. Village Park Family Dental prides itself in wanting to make your oral health and your overall health a top priority. We do comprehensive exams that evaluate not just the teeth. Our comprehensive exams include a full detailed evaluation of the teeth and surrounding bone, evaluation for decay, evaluation of the patient’s bite, evaluation of the TMJ joint, evaluation of the head, neck, and shoulder, and an oral cancer screening.

Having dental or facial pain of any sort can be detrimental and uncomfortable. At Village Park, we understand that teeth are important, but pain in the head and neck or TMJ region is important as well. Pain does not always radiate from the teeth. Thru our comprehensive exam and evaluations we call ourselves special guru’s in understanding and treating temporomandibular joint pain, head and neck muscle tensions, headaches related to facial muscles, sleep apnea, snoring and grinding issues. If you have ever experienced discomfort or pain associated with your jaw joint or have pain in your shoulders, neck, face, and head that has gone undiagnosed from a medical doctor, try reaching out to us. A simple appliance and relaxation of the facial muscles could help. It’s worth it if you are a pain patient. Allow Dr. Ahmed and her team to further diagnosis your facial pain issues and try to help you. It would be our pleasure to see you pain free.

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