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At Village Park Family Dental we have a dedicated team that works tirelessly with you to ensure you can receive stress free dental treatment in a calm and caring environment. Learn more about us right here:

Welcome to the Village Park Family Dental experience!


Dental care directly affects your physical and psychological health. That is why, at Village Park Family Dental, we believe in making YOU, our patients, our #1 priority. While working towards a positive experience with sweet and happy endings, we take care of every little detail.


Walk into our clinic to a relaxed, colorful, friendly atmosphere with courteous and warm team members where each one of us is dedicated to delivering quality dental work for you. Unlike regular dental clinics, we believe in spending quality, one-on-one patient-doctor time to help ensure and alleviate all oral care related questions and concerns. You will find that our team of dentists, dental hygienists, as well as scheduling concierge are highly approachable and look forward to helping you out. We are committed to offering the best oral care expertise for all your dental needs, everything from a loose tooth to total gum therapy. We have you covered!


We are devoted to offering the best-in-class dental experience at Village Park Family Dental by staying updated with the latest trends and improvements in all areas of dentistry. Our communications to our patrons regularly reflect our knowledge, skills, and abilities.


At Village Park Family Dental, it is our mission to make your dental experience a welcoming and happy saga of excellent oral health and hygiene for you.


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Our Commitment To You and Our Community


Our Values

We believe in putting you first. This means taking care of every single detail for you, so you can relax while you get the best of dental treatment at Village Park Family Dental. We care for your oral hygiene, which means, we help you understand and make good choices by educating you, our patients, about various dental procedures and options.


We are the dental experts, and we are here to help make oral hygiene easy and accessible for your family and you. That is the commitment from our family to yours.


Our Promise

We promise to offer the finest dental care for you and your family in a professional setup where you are assured to receive quality service. Our dental boutique ensures that you receive the best and most affordable dental care, all under one roof. Whether you are young or elderly; our bright, welcoming, and relaxed atmosphere, powered by our caring and experienced dental professionals is bound to put you at ease. After all, at Village Park Family Dental we place your comfort and oral health above all else.


We believe dental care is the gateway to good health. Needless to say, the stronger your oral hygiene as young adults, the better dental health you will maintain in the long run. We also believe education and prevention goes a long way and promise to help you every step of the way. Young or old, we are committed to treating all our patients with utmost care and respect.


To uphold our promise we work with only the most thorough and efficient doctors to ensure high quality dental care. While using a conservative approach, we continue to use top notch products and procedures. If you are wondering about the cost of procedure, worry not! We are committed to your health and will work financially with you and we even offer a variety of payment options to suit your needs.


Quality dental care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere is our promise to you!


Our Experience

At Village Park Family Dental we are a boutique dental experience in a professional, yet warm and courteous environment. From your child’s first oral care session, to braces for teenagers and adults; from tooth extraction or implants, no question or concern is too big or small for us. If you are looking for the top dentists for any dental procedure, we are committed to always being there for you.


Besides our experienced dental practitioners, our dental office experience is what separates us from our contemporaries. When you enter Village Park Family Dental, you can leave your worries at the door. Using bright colors and an aromatic environment, our boutique clinic has been designed to help put you at ease. We have the best dental services at the most reasonable and affordable prices – all in the comfort of one caring office.


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Phone Number : 281-376-4444