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General dentistry consists of the overarching range of dental practices most commonly needed by patients. At Village Park Dental, these practices include diagnosing, educating, treating, and managing our patients’ overall oral health care through regular exams, cleaning, and dental health management information.

Consultations /Check-Ups And Teeth Cleaning

The first line of defense to achieving good oral health is your biannual check-up. Typically, a check-up includes looking for early signs of tooth decay and gum diseases and taking any remedial action that may be required. Also, one of our professionals will clean your teeth, which removes tartar build-up. Maintaining clean teeth helps reduce the opportunity for tooth decay to establish itself, helps prevent bad breath, and gives your smile a brighter, fresher look.

Our dentist will also routinely examine your mouth for early signs of oral cancer along with other oral or dental problems. Early identification offers patients the best possible chance for a cure by beginning a cancer treatment program. We encourage all our patients to schedule regular biannual check-ups and appointments for consultations or exams for any oral health issues.

The dentists at Village Park believe ‘prevention is the best cure’ and encourage both new and existing patients to seek dentist consultations as well as regular annual exams and cleanings. We are happy to discuss any dental issues you may have and will both design a personalized oral health care plan for you and provide you the support needed to help you achieve your best possible oral health results. Give our office a call today and schedule an initial appointment, a dental consultation, or your annual exam, (281) 376-4444.

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