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Serving NorthWest Houston
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Tooth Colored Resin Fillings

Tooth decay is caused by acids which remove minerals from your teeth’s enamel structure. These acids are produced when bacteria process sugars and starches from foods that we eat but are not removed by brushing. Over time the tooth enamel weakens until the acids break through the surface and cause a cavity. Cavities are a common occurrence, especially in children, and must be corrected by “filling” the tooth.

In the past, cavities were frequently filled using a metal amalgam material. This approach is not recommended today, and instead newer materials such as composites, resins, or ceramics are used. The more modern approaches result in durable and attractive tooth-colored fillings. Because of the many benefits advanced dental methods, the dentists at Village Park recommend that all patients have their old amalgam fillings removed and replaced using a current procedure, such as bonding, or filling with one of the improved and better materials.