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3 Reasons to Visit Your Family Dentist Regularly

April 12, 2016

Regular checkups and cleanings not only keep your teeth white and straight, but they also save you a considerable amount of money by helping in the prevention of a variety of serious diseases. Unfortunately, as far as medical checkups are concerned, most of the people aren’t as diligent when it comes to paying a visit to the family dentist.

The following reasons will convince you to visit the family dentist on a regular basis:

  1. Regular Visits Help You Maintain a Healthy Smile

Routine visits to the family dentist will not only keep your smile healthy, but they will also improve other areas of your life. Studies tell us that there seems to be a clear link between an individual’s level of confidence and a healthy, bright smile. Those who have a healthy smile also have a higher level of satisfaction in their lives.

  1. They Can Assist You in Avoiding Several Health Issues

If you ignore brushing your teeth, you are likely to develop cavities. Of course, this is common knowledge, but did you know it can get a lot worst? Neglecting precise oral care may lead to a variety of serious medical problems. If you have gum disease, which is caused by either genetics or a lack of oral hygiene, you are twice as likely to develop a heart disease. What’s more, gum disease might also lead to an increasing rate of a miscarriage in pregnant women. It also lessens the body’s ability of regulating blood sugar, and this increases the chances of diabetes. As such, always keep in mind there can be serious repercussions if you skip your trip to the dentist.

  1. You Can Avoid Costly Treatments with Routine Visits

An annual teeth cleaning generally doesn’t cause any major dents in your wallet. However, not visiting your dentist can definitely be expensive. Annual cleaning costs an average of roughly $100 and helps reduce the chances of any serious oral issues in the future. Some of these oral issues can be root canals, tooth replacement, and cavities. The replacement of a tooth with an implant costs more than $4,000 on average, whereas a root canal generally goes above $1,000. On the other hand, a cavity usually costs nearly $200, which is over double the amount of a cleaning. While all of these are expensive procedures to carry out, they can be avoided with regular visits to the family dentist.

All in all, it is never recommended that you postpone any of your appointments to the dentist. Not only will you risk a healthy smile by doing so, but you will also risk some major diseases.

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