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Braces Pain: What’s Normal, What’s Not

March 30, 2020

If you are struggling with braces pain, then solutions are available. While orthodontics can be slightly uncomfortable, you shouldn’t be experiencing severe pain. A dentist or orthodontist can correct painful issues to make your treatment easier. But what types of discomfort are simply normal, and what indicates a problem? We will explore the differences below.

General Pain After Your Monthly Appointment

Occasionally, your braces might be sore. This is especially true after your monthly adjustment. You may experience some tenderness as your mouth adjusts to the new position of your wires. However, this should be a mild, dull pain that gets better after a day or so. You can soothe these aches with over-the-counter pain relievers or an ice pack.

Discomfort Due to Brackets or Wires

This is another problem that occasionally happens to braces wearers. Because brackets are made of hard metal, they are bound to cause discomfort every once in a while. Brackets can sometimes irritate the inner parts of the mouth. If this happens, then you can apply soft wax to your brackets to act as a buffer.

While bracket irritation is nothing to worry about, wire irritation is a different story. If you feel a wire is too long or is poking a part of your mouth, see your orthodontist have it trimmed.

Additional Tooth or Jaw Pains

During your braces treatment, you might think all mouth pain is caused by your braces. This can be a dangerous line of thinking. Overall tooth or jaw pain can be caused by issues like gingivitis, tooth decay, and other problems. If you have general mouth pain, then you should consult a dentist- whether you have braces or not!

Visit the Orthodontist

Whether you are experiencing a new type of braces pain or dealing with a chronic issue, an orthodontist can help. Taking care of tooth pain is important- not only for your comfort but also for your overall health. Instead of trying to manage on your own, get expert help today. Call the Village Park team at 281-376-4444.


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