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Bumps In Back of Throat – Cobblestone Throat

June 30, 2022

What disease causes the appearance of bumps at the back of your throat? Not diseases, but certain health conditions may give our throat a cobblestone appearance. The bumps on the throat are basically lymphatic vessels that grow in size.

Little Bumps At The Back Of Throat – Causes

In case you suffer from tiny red bumps on the back, you definitely have a cobblestone throat. Irritation and sore throat are two signs and symptoms that come along with this condition. Having bumps on the throat is not a severe condition that needs to be scared of.

But, since its physical appearance is daunting, people think that this is pretty serious; few might even confuse this with cancer. Although the growth of white bumps in the back of your throat is usually not cancerous, you should always get the lump on your throat checked or biopsied.

Pharyngitis or Sore Throat

Cobblestone throat may show up as a result of pharyngitis. In this condition, the throat irritates and swells up, forming a sore throat. The main reason behind their appearance is either virus or bacteria. However, it can be caused due to other conditions as well.

Pharyngitis indicates inflammation of the pharynx, a structure in your throat. In this condition, your lymph nodes swell and fill with fluid; this is in response to the reaction. Due to these two happening, your skin looks like it has clear bumps at the back of your throat. Other symptoms include:

  • An irritated or sore throat
  • Pain when you speak
  • Scratchy throat
  • Difficulty swallowing

Inflammation of the pharynx may be acute or chronic. In acute, these signs do not surpass 10 days’ time and occur more frequently in people than in chronic. It falls under the category of chronic pharyngitis if the signs linger on for more than some weeks.

In chronic conditions, the signs and symptoms recur after a short episode or don’t go away at all. The triggers include smoke and air pollution, acid reflux, allergies, infections, or rarely it is throat cancer.

Postnasal Drip

This is a condition in which there is over-production of mucus thatis from the glands in your nose and throat. This excess fluid drips or trickles down the back of your throat, causing irritation and cough.

Normal levels of mucus are helpful to your nasal passage tidy by trapping irritants like germs or dust that prevent you from inhaling harmful foreign materials.

But, in the case of post-nasal drip, the overproduction may make it dense and thicker, which is why you feel an urge to cough up or clear out your throat repeatedly. This extra mucus may lead to the formation of bumps in the back of your throat.


Get in touch with your healthcare provider as soon as you see bumps on your throat so that the condition can be handled before it gets worse. Talk to us, dentists of Village Park Dental will cater to your needs.

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