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10 Personalized Full-Face Orthodontic Plans

Oct 15, 2023656 Views

Orthodontic plans are a perfect blend of art and science used to transform smiles. From acknowledging the ground-breaking technologies molding advanced orthodontics to discovering smart strategies that motivate, we are going to discuss the power of customized dental care. What is a Full-Face Orthodontic Plan? A full-face orthodontic plan is a complete dental blueprint that […]

Choosing Full-Face Orthodontics

Feb 29, 20201322 Views

Are full-face orthodontics the right choice for you? We all know that orthodontics can change the look of a person’s smile. But did you know it can also change the look of a person’s face? This treatment can shift a person’s jaw position. The result is a beautiful smile and jawline. Learn more about this […]

Finding an Orthodontist Who Takes the Whole Body Into Consideration

Jan 25, 2019784 Views

When you need orthodontic care, choosing an orthodontist who understands the physiologic connection between oral and whole-body health is vital. Find out how orthodontic care can affect your entire body, and how an expert care provider can help you achieve healthier, more beautiful teeth. How Your Orthodontist Shapes Your Health A functional orthodontist does more […]

Should an Adult Choose Invisalign or Braces for Orthodontics?

Sep 24, 20181227 Views

In an age where Invisalign® clear aligners are available from the dentist, adult patients often wonder if there is any need to even consider traditional braces. However, orthodontics is not all about how the device used looks. When you trust your dental care to Village Park Family Dental, we perform a full evaluation of your […]

How Early Should Your Family Dentist in Cypress Begin Orthodontics?

Jul 16, 2018725 Views

A reliable and proactive family dentist in Cypress should closely monitor the development of your children’s teeth. To ensure strong, straight teeth, a child may need orthodontic treatment at an early age. Your dentist should carefully assess the needs of each of your children to determine the best orthodontic treatment plan. It is up to […]

Taking Care of Your Pearly Whites with Braces

Aug 15, 2016911 Views

A lot of kids and even adults are going for orthodontic treatments to make their smiles perfect. Braces help in getting rid of under and over bites, resolve the problem of crooked teeth and gaps in between teeth. Here is how you can take care of your braces for better efficacy and glossiness of the […]


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