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Food Tips for Healthy Teeth

March 29, 2018

We’ve all heard about the many foods we should avoid when we want to keep our teeth healthy. In this blog, I’m going to present a few tips on foods you can eat that are not only tasty but are also helpful for your teeth and gums. We all know to avoid candy and sugary snacks at bedtime but did you know that yogurt is an excellent food to help prevent decay. Below are some healthy food tips from your family dentist in Cypress. Combine these foods with excellent oral health practices at home, and you’re on your way to better dental health.

  1. Green Tea. Green tea can be a delicious beverage for breaks during the day or for most anytime. Teas contain fluoride which is known to be an active builder of tooth strength and are also rich in polyphenols which reduce acids caused by bacteria in the mouth. Teas won’t substitute for fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash but can be an excellent compliment.
  2. Celery. Celery is full of fiber and when eaten after a meal acts to clean your teeth. Your family dentist in Cypress notes that the cleaning action of celery removes bacteria and food particles from your teeth thereby reducing the chance of decay. Celery also contains vitamins A and C which help your gums. Dip celery in yogurt for a tasty snack.
  3. Yogurt. Yogurt contains probiotics which are the ‘good’ bacteria.’ These good bacteria work to replace the decay-causing bacteria which are present in your mouth. Removing the bad bacteria helps reduce the chance of tooth decay. The calcium and protein contained in yogurt also helps strengthen your teeth and gums.
  4. Carrots and Apples. Both apples and carrots are crunchy and full of fiber. Apples are also full of water. Eating a handful of either after a meal gives you some of the benefits of brushing your teeth. The chewing action removes bacteria and washes away plaque. Your family dentist in Cypress suggests you continue brushing, but when you add these crispy snacks to your diet, they can help keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  5. Cheese. Cheese has been shown to raise the pH in patient’s mouths. A higher pH has been shown to lower the risk of tooth decay. Chewing cheese also promotes saliva production which washes away bacteria in the mouth. Your family dentist in Cypress believes a nutritious diet of low sugar foods along with the foods listed here can support your overall oral health.

A good dental health program is made up of a combination of proper dental practices at home, excellent nutrition, and regular visits with your family dentist in Cypress. Eating a balanced diet rich in foods such as those listed above, limiting sugary snacks, and visiting Village Family Dental Centers of Cypress for your biannual dental checkups are the foundation of good dental wellbeing. If you haven’t scheduled your next regular appointment with your family dentist in Cypress, give our office a call now for an appointment. One of our friendly staff will be glad to assist you. Call today, 281-376-4444.

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