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Gum Disease is Serious: Talk with Your Family Dentist

September 20, 2017

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that almost half of all adults over 30 years of age have periodontitis (gum disease), and the American Association of Periodontology warns that gum disease is a significant public health problem today. Gum disease is both preventable and treatable through good oral hygiene practices at home coupled with regular visits to your family dentist in Cypress.

Periodontal disease is a serious inflammation of the gums as well as the bones that support your teeth. The disease begins with a condition known as gingivitis, a less serious form of inflammation which causes the gums to swell and bleed. With proper treatment and good oral hygiene, gingivitis is reversible. Your family dentist in Cypress can recommend good oral health practices you can do at home.

Left untreated, early gum disease, or gingivitis, may progress and, ultimately, develop into periodontal disease. This more serious condition requires more aggressive treatments than gingivitis. Periodontal disease is characterized by gaps between the teeth and the gum with teeth gradually loosening from the bone that supports them. Ultimately tooth loss occurs.

According to the AAP, there are some risk factors which can contribute to periodontal disease. Although the primary cause of gum disease is the presence of inflammation, an awareness of these risk factors is important in preventing and controlling periodontitis. Talk to your family dentist in Cypress about gum disease.

Risk factors for gum disease include:

    1. Age: The CDC estimates that 70% of Americans age 65 and older have periodontitis.
    1. Tobacco use and smoking: Smoking and tobacco use are considered to be major contributors to the development and progression of gum disease.
    1. Genetics: Some studies indicate that certain individuals are genetically predisposed to gum disease. In the future, genetic tests could help identify these individuals most susceptible to this condition.
    1. Medications: Some medications can impair the body’s ability to resist inflammation. You should review all your medications with your family dentist in Cypress.
    1. Grinding teeth: Grinding and clenching teeth can put excessive pressures on the teeth and gums as well as supporting bones and could accelerate developing gum disease.
    1. Other medical conditions: Some serious medical conditions including diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, interfere with the body’s inflammation control systems, and could make gum disease worse.
    1. Poor nutrition/obesity: Poor nutrition and obesity reduce your body’s ability to fight off infections. Talk to your dentist about beginning and staying on a healthy diet.

The dentists at Village Park Family Dental Center are here to provide you with the very best in quality dental care. Our professional staff is equipped to handle all types of dental issues including gum disease and periodontitis. Give our office a call at 281-376-4444 and speak to one of our staff members who will answer all your questions and schedule your appointment. Give us a call today, 281-376-4444.

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