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Head And Neck Wellness Dentistry

Head and Neck Wellness Dentistry, also known as neuromuscular dentistry, is the latest in comprehensive dental care. It focuses not only on teeth but the entire head and neck region. If you have ever suffered from unexplainable headaches, TMJ popping or clicking, difficulty chewing, or overall facial pain, we are trained to diagnose and treat your symptoms. A head and neck wellness Dr, such as Dr. Saba Ahmed, gets advanced training in how to manage complex dental pain patients. It is often that patients go to the medical doctor and find no cure for their advanced facial discomfort. We try our best to identify, educate, and treat these issues. There is help out there, and we want to help. The head and neck area of the body is in direct link to the nervous system, the eye, the nose, the sinuses, the neck and the shoulders, one does not realize that an imbalance in the region of the mouth can cause other referred symptoms. It is our job to try to find out if we can be of assistance to you. Please call us at (281) 376-4444.

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