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Is there any link between sleep apnea and COVID-19?

November 30, 2020

The current pandemic has spread its fear around the globe. People are taking the necessary precautions. This includes washing hands, using sanitizers, wearing masks, and keeping social distance to prevent the spread of the virus. As per the studies, those who suffer from chronic health conditions or old age are more likely to be the victims. Sleep apnea and COVID 19 have a link in between, as sleep is one of the essential factors to cure this disease. Besides, sleep apnea is a reason for many problems; often, people who suffer from it develop diabetes or heart diseases. In this blog, we will see the connection between sleeping disorders and the novel coronavirus.

Why is sleep important?

We all are aware that proper hours of sleep are essential for a healthy being. As our physical and mental health depends on it, and so does our immune system. Sleep regulates many body functions; below are a few of the reasons why sleep is essential.

  • Individuals who can’t sleep properly cannot focus and pay attention to their work or memorize quickly. So, they have difficulty in doing daily tasks and learn new information. Hence, insufficient sleep affects attention span and memory.
  • Secondly, it causes daytime sleepiness. Teens often complain of feeling sleepy in classes and adults at work. Moreover, serious accidents are reported on highways in such cases
  • Our mood depends on the amount of sleep we get. People having sleep apnea often seem to be angrier, sad, exhausted, and stressed most of the time. However, after getting the treatment, their mood changes.
  • Lack of sleep increases the risk of various diseases. It includes problems such as obesity, chronic problems, diabetes, etc.

Sleep apnea and COVID 19

One way to fight the virus is by having a robust immune system. Currently, we have no vaccines available, and it’s our immune that has to win over it. The right amount of sleep strengthens the immune system, while conditions like sleep apnea weaken the body’s defense system. Early to bed and early to rise is one of the most excellent guidelines to follow today to stay healthy, boost your immune system, and cope with the coronavirus. Generally, seven to eight hours of sleeping is necessary, but the timings vary as per the age and activities one engages in the day.

What precautions to take?

People suffering from sleep apnea should take extra precautions nowadays; few guidelines for them to follow are:

  • Start getting treatment for sleep disorders, visit the clinic, and discuss your condition with the health practitioner. Therefore, if your sleep is regular the immune and health will strengthen itself.
  • Maintain hygiene; take a bath regularly, wash your hands, and avoid touching your eyes, face, and mouth. Carry a sanitizer and use it frequently after touching any object. Besides this, sanitize the area around you and dispose of the mask and tissues immediately after its use.
  • IF you get any symptoms like dry cough or fever, visit the healthcare and continue taking all precautions.

Sound health is a top priority during this pandemic; however, sleep apnea and COVID 19 have no direct connection. Coronavirus attacks the immune, which is strengthened by proper sleep. To get treatment for your sleep disorders, contact us. Call Village Park Dentistry at 281-376-4444 to schedule your appointment.

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