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Isn’t Every Family Dentist in Cypress a Wellness Dentist?

June 13, 2018

Looking for a family dentist in Cypress? You might want to make sure your family dentist is also a Wellness Dentist, providing much more than the typical dentistry services. It may help your overall health in more ways than you thought it could. Do you know if your family dentist in Cypress offers Wellness Dentistry services? It’s time to find out.

What to Expect from a Wellness Dentist

A Wellness Dentist offers all oral health services you would expect from a family dentist in Cypress that focuses on dental services regarding the mouth, gums, and teeth. However, they also offer services that help to diagnose and fix overall health problems that may be visible through an analysis of the mouth, gums, and teeth as well as face, head, neck, and shoulders.

If you are having some health problems in these general areas for which your primary care physician has not been able to find a cause, a Wellness Dentist may be able to provide you with answers. With an in-depth look at your oral health as well as physical health, your family dentist in Cypress can provide Wellness Dentistry as long as they’ve been trained in the practice. This means that not every family dentist in Cypress is a Wellness Dentist.

Finding a Wellness Dentist

If you are in the Cypress area and you are looking for Wellness Dentistry services, it may be as simple as calling up your local dentists to ask them if they provide it. While Wellness Dentistry isn’t widespread as of yet, more and more family dentists are training as Wellness Dentists. Wellness Dentistry was created by Dr. Doug Thompson in 2015 after he spent years refining his skills in his practice. There are Wellness Dentists located all over the United States, but you can find a family dentist in Cypress that offers complete dental care as well as overall Wellness Dentistry.

Your Family Dentist in Cypress is a Wellness Dentist

You may be surprised to learn that your favorite family dentist in Cypress is also a Wellness Dentist. Village Park Family Dentistry can help diagnose and treat not just problems relating to the mouth, gums, and teeth but also those problems that may arise in the adjoining areas. With few Wellness Dentists available throughout the country, rest assured you will be getting the best care at Village Park Family Dentistry, your family dentist in Cypressthat offers Wellness Dentistry.

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