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Summer & Kids: Our Top Tips to Maintaining Oral Health

August 11, 2015

Summer is here!

For most of us this means it is time to bring out those barbeques, pass around the lemonade and head out camping! The days are warmer, children off from school and the weather is a great invitation to come out and play. It doesn’t get any better than this!

While summer is the time to frolic in the sun, for parents, this season requires being extra vigilant about your children’s health and wellness. While all the running around is good for their health, here are a few things we would watch out for:

Watch what you drink:

We cannot emphasize enough the important of staying hydrated in this weather. It is, after all, the best weather possible to be sipping on cool drinks. Simply pop a can and get going!

We wish it was really that simple. However tempting the sugar-soda combination, it only harms your kids. Liquefied sugar settles easily in cavities and turns your child’s mouth to budding ground for cavities. Even when you ensure brushing twice a day, it is not a healthy habit to sustain.

We recommend: Switch the soda for fresh fruit juices. Simply chill ahead of time and you have the perfect combination of health and happiness for the hottest days of summer!

Sugar and spice and everything nice:

Just like drinks, today sugar is in almost all foods. If you don’t believe us, just look at the food labels!

With all easy dining options available to kids around the clock, coupled with peer pressure and frequent visits to fast food joints, we understand how difficult it can be for parents. However, no matter how great it tastes, you already know that eating greasy, sugary goodness is not a wise choice, especially for your teeth!

We recommend: Explore healthier options. Simply limit your visits to coffee and donut stores, try more organic food, or go DIY. Thanks to YouTube, your children can now explore simple, healthier recipes right at home! It’s all about the choices!

Inculcate habits:

Quite often, no school translates to eating at odd hours, sleeping late and probably skipping your brushing routine.

While it is fun to break out of habits and do as you please, we know all too well the consequences of unhealthy lifestyles. We get it that summer is chill time for kids, we are simply afraid you teeth don’t understand that. Residual food continues to build cavities and plague keeps layering on your children’s teeth. Summer or not, oral health is a relentless process.

We recommend: Beat the heat with healthy habits. Limit the late nights, bring out healthier food options when snacking and insist on brushing twice a day. Your teeth will thank you later!

Visit your dental hygienist at least once:

A break is a good time to get routine dental checkups done. If you need any advanced procedures or multiple visits, it allows you to do so without missing school!

A visit to the dentist can help set expectations for healthy oral health and hygiene. With more time on your hands, you can spend time with your dentist reviewing lifestyle choices for your children’s upcoming school year. A great smile and perfect oral health will take your kids a long way.

We recommend: Call us at Village Park Family Dental today and schedule your visit!

Summer is the time for fun and fireworks. While you care for your kids, we wish loads of fun and happy memories to last a lifetime!

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