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What Causes Dry Socket

December 07, 2015

Dry socket occurs after a dentist has removed the patient’s tooth. In the empty space, a blot clot develops, which is normal. When the blot clot dislodges or does not form properly, then a condition called dry socket develops.

The Healing Process after Tooth Extraction

Once the dentist removes the tooth, a scab or blot cloth starts to develop above the tooth socket. It can take an entire week and sometimes more for the sight of the tooth extraction to heal completely. When the gum tissue replaces the scab and tooth socket aligns with the bone, it signals the completion of the healing process. However, the healing process does not always go this smoothly, as sometimes, dry socket can occur.

What is Dry Socket?

The following two ways cause the formation of dry socket:

  1. When the scab forming over the tooth socket is lost or disturbed
  2. When the empty socket is exposed to saliva, food debris, and germs

People will start experiencing symptoms of dry socket two to three days after the tooth extraction procedure. The symptoms include:

  • Excruciating pain
  • Pain travelling to the neck, jaw, and ears
  • Bad breath
  • Foul taste in mouth

  • Constant aching
  • Swelling
  • Redness

Pain medication will not decrease the pain and in order to stop it, people will need to visit their dentist right away.

How to Prevent Dry Socket

The optimal way to prevent dry socket is to follow your dentist’s instructions to the tee. After the tooth extraction procedure is over, the dentist will provide you with a set of instructions to follow. The dentist will instruct you to avoid doing the following things:

  • Take extra care not to disturb the blot clot over the tooth socket
  • Do not smoke

  • Do no spit or rinse too forcefully
  • Do not suck on popsicles
  • Do not use a straw to drink
  • Do not probe the area with your fingers or tongue
  • Do not exercise
  • Do lay flat on your back or stomach when resting
  • Try not to cough or sneeze with a lot of force
  • Do not drink alcoholic, carbonated, and hot drinks

When you suck a cigarette or a popsicle it creates pressure inside of your mouth, causing the blot clot to loosen and dislodge from the site. In the event you develop the condition of dry socket, you will need to make an appointment with your dentist to seek treatment.

The Treatment for Dry Socket

The dentist will examine the area, and then process to rinse of any debris from the area.  Next, they will spread a small amount of medicated paste into the empty socket. The patient will have to visit the dental clinic again at least three times to allow the dentist to put the medicated paste on the site again.

Do you suspect you have a dry socket? If you think you do, visit Village Family Park Dental.

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