What Is a Flexible Partial Denture?

Are you looking for a replacement option for your missing teeth? A flexible partial denture might be your way out. These dentures feel much closer to regular teeth than acrylic and cast metal dentures do. Keep reading to find more about flexible partial dentures.

How It Works

A flexible partial denture is made of thermoplastic material. Therefore, it can be easily manipulated to fit the patient’s mouth. At first, the dentists make a mold of the mouth, and then, the material is heated up and injected into that mold.

Aesthetic Considerations

Many people love the way these dentures look. They blend in and cover-up imperfections in the mouth. Flexible dentures are available in many colors. Dentists match the color to the patient’s mouth, creating a denture that is nearly invisible. Because these dentures blend in with the mouth thoroughly, people tend to feel confident wearing them.

Caring for the Dentures

A flexible partial denture is hard to break, but you still need to practice proper care when wearing them. Proper care improves comfort and oral health and extends the life of the denture.

Clean the Dentures

Oral hygiene is essential when wearing them. Food and bacteria can get stuck under the denture’s projections, so you should take them out and brush your teeth twice a day. Otherwise, the remaining teeth could decay.

It is also important to take these dentures out at night. You should clean them and leave out while sleeping. Then, put them back in the morning.

Are Flexible Partial Dentures the Right Choice?

If you think they are the right choice for you, make an appointment with your dentist. He or she will evaluate your needs and determine if this is a good temporary or permanent solution.

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