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Who Qualifies for Invisalign Aligners?

December 31, 2016

Recent technologies have seen huge leaps in the advancement of teeth alignment. One such advancement is Invisalign aligners. Unlike their traditional counterpart, these teeth aligners are virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Invisalign aligners are designed, like braces, to correct misaligned teeth. However, unlike braces, Invisalign aligners are hardly noticeable. In addition, Invisalign aligners are removable, which means there is a reduced risk of decay or damage affecting the teeth.

What are Invisalign Aligners?

Invisalign aligners are clear teeth aligners which are customized to suit each patient’s needs. Your dentist will take imprints of your teeth, usually every two weeks during treatment, which will then be used to create new aligners.

The Invisalign aligners will slowly correct misaligned teeth, helping to restore your smile as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because Invisalign aligners are removable, you can also clean and floss as normal.

Who Qualifies for Invisalign Aligners?

Invisalign aligners are suitable for any patient who has problems with misaligned teeth. You can correct or improve the appearance of your teeth with Invisalign aligners without worrying about the appearance of your smile during treatment.

Additionally, one of the major benefits of Invisalign aligners is customized performance. No two patients will have the same experience during treatment. However, all dentists who provide Invisalign aligners must complete relevant training in order to provide the product to their patients.

If your dentist offers Invisalign aligners, you can be assured that they are fully trained and required to provide ongoing feedback on the results of the treatment. This feedback helps both the providers and researchers of Invisalign aligners improve the quality of treatment offered to patients.

How Long Do Invisalign Aligners Take to Work?

Typically, Invisalign aligners take around twelve months to fully correct problems with the shape and alignment of teeth. The process is gradual, in order to minimize the impact on the teeth and gums. Your dentist will monitor your progress and make the necessary adjustments to your aligners during the course of treatment.

Users should keep their Invisalign aligners in place for approximately 22 hours per day. However, when you are eating, brushing your teeth or flossing, it is recommended that you remove the aligner. Doing so will reduce the chances of plaque building up between the aligner and the surface of your teeth.

Village Park Family Dental can offer you Invisalign aligners as a treatment. Your dental professional is fully trained to assess your need for Invisalign aligners. If your dentist determines that you are a suitable candidate, you can begin treatment right away.

You won’t have to worry about determining your treatment plan. We will provide you with information throughout the entire process. Your Village Park Family Dentist will closely manage your progress, ensuring that your Invisalign aligner treatment is as quick and hassle-free as possible. Contact our offices at your convenience for more information on how Invisalign aligners can help reshape your smile.

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