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Why Dental Exams and Cleanings are Essential at Your Affordable Dentist in 77429

December 23, 2017

The holidays are almost over, so it’s time to get back to our routines; school, work, and other daily activities. There’s always a lot to do as the New Year gets underway, and one thing you shouldn’t forget is to make an appointment with your affordable dentist in 77429 for a checkup and a twice-yearly cleaning. Biannual cleaning of your teeth is something you might think can be postponed or put off until a later time. However, a thorough dental exam and cleaning may be more important than you think.

Are you aware there is a strong link between gum disease and cardiovascular disease? Reducing the chance of gum disease by thoroughly cleaning of your teeth can help prevent deadly heart attacks and strokes. Regular visits to your affordable dentist in 77429 not only keep gum disease away but also reduce your chances of heart attacks and strokes. However, this is just one of the important reasons to have your dental exam and cleaning. Below are five other essential reasons you should visit your dentist for a dental checkup and cleaning. The start of the New Year is an excellent time to schedule your regular visit with your dentist at Village Park Family Dental in 2018.

1. Checking for, diagnosing, and treating gum disease is important, not only for reducing chances of cardiovascular disease but also to reduce the chance of tooth loss.

2. During your cleaning and examination, the affordable dentist in 77429 will check for signs of oral cancer. The American Dental Association estimates that in 2017 nearly 10, 000 deaths were attributable to oral cancers of all types or 2.9% of all cancers and 1.6% of all cancer deaths. The five-year survival rate for early detection was 83%.

3. Cleaning your teeth removes plaque build-up and can help remove stains, yellowing, and other discolorations. After cleaning you’ll have a fresher and brighter smile.

4. Problems such as early tooth decay, fractures, or broken fillings can be detected by your affordable dentist in 77429 during the exam and cleaning. Once identified, a treatment plan to correct the problems or restore the damaged teeth can be developed.

5. Following your cleaning, the dentist will discuss with you how to maintain good oral health and review any long-term treatment plans that may be needed. Discussion with your dentist provides an opportunity ask questions, plan visits, and make financial arrangements to cover any future procedures.

At Village Park Family Dental, your affordable dentist in 77429, we encourage all patients to both follow good oral health practices at home and schedule biannual dental exams and cleanings. With the New Year just around the corner, it’s a good time to make your resolutions to call and schedule your next regular dental checkup. Village Park offers the latest dental technologies for most dental services from general dentistry to specialized treatment of TMJ disorders. Give us a call today and speak with one of our professional staff to schedule your next appointment, 281-376-4444.

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