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Dental Tips

Can Smiling Help Your Dental Health? Ask Your Family Dentist in Cypress.

Oct 31, 20171132 Views

They say a smile is contagious, and it turns out that research shows this to be true. In a Swedish study reported in the magazine, Psychology Today, researchers found that subjects imitated the smile (or other facial expressions) of images they were shown. What this means is, when you smile at someone, it’s likely that […]

The Secrets to Controlling Tooth Decay

Aug 20, 2017896 Views

Managing tooth decay is a major concern for all of us, and especially for our children. In fact, tooth decay is the number one dental problem for children. And as much as 10% percent of childhood tooth decay (children ages 2 to 5 years) goes untreated according to the CDC National Center for Health Statistics. […]

Four Roles of the Comprehensive Hygienist

Mar 18, 2017837 Views

Dental hygienists play a major role in high quality dental care. Many people think that cleaning teeth is the sole domain of these highly skilled professionals. However, the comprehensive hygienist does much more than just clean teeth. While hygienists have a variety of career paths they can follow above and beyond the confines of a […]

At Home Remedies for a Painful Tooth

Feb 25, 2017887 Views

There is nothing in the world quite like a toothache. The pain from a damaged or infected tooth can cause people to do just about anything to relieve the suffering. When a dentist is not readily available, there are home remedies that may help ease the discomfort until you can get to the dental office. […]

Saving a Decayed Tooth

Feb 16, 20171718 Views

On the outside surface of your teeth is the hardest substance in your body. Even bones are not as hard as tooth enamel. Yet, under the right circumstances tooth enamel can become weak and fall prey to the ravages of decay. It starts small, just a little pinprick of decay on the surface. If it […]


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