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Tooth pain after filling: Is it normal?

July 30, 2021 2769 Views

Quite a few times, patients experience tooth pain after filling. Is it normal? Or is tooth sensitivity months after a filling is the point of concern? Or do you need to fear toothache? Well, look no more for the correct answers! The blog answers all your queries related to tooth pain after filling. What is … Continue reading “Tooth pain after filling: Is it normal?”

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Dental Hygiene Products That Will Truly Help Your Mouth

October 12, 2018 694 Views

Your dental hygienist does a great job of keeping your teeth and gums healthy and clean during each visit to the dentist. However, there is nothing like knowing you take those lessons home with you to put a smile on her face. Science is bringing us innovative new products all the time. There are so … Continue reading “Dental Hygiene Products That Will Truly Help Your Mouth”

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Tips about Sugar and Tooth Decay from Your Family Dentist

January 24, 2018 393 Views

Tooth decay can be a serious problem, especially in children. Often we recognize the cavity after it has eaten away at the tooth, left a hole, and, maybe, even caused a toothache. With proper care, brushing, and healthy eating habits, much tooth decay might be avoided. It’s important to understand what causes tooth decay and … Continue reading “Tips about Sugar and Tooth Decay from Your Family Dentist”

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Bad Breath – It May be a Dental Problem: Talk to Your Family Dentist in Cypress

September 8, 2017 557 Views

Bad breath or halitosis is a widespread condition affecting about 50% of the US adult population according to the American Dental Association. The fact is, most people that have bad breath don’t even know it. Of course, people recognize that eating garlic or onion could result in bad breath, but many people are unaware of … Continue reading “Bad Breath – It May be a Dental Problem: Talk to Your Family Dentist in Cypress”

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The Secrets to Controlling Tooth Decay

August 20, 2017 624 Views

Managing tooth decay is a major concern for all of us, and especially for our children. In fact, tooth decay is the number one dental problem for children. And as much as 10% percent of childhood tooth decay (children ages 2 to 5 years) goes untreated according to the CDC National Center for Health Statistics. … Continue reading “The Secrets to Controlling Tooth Decay”

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The Various Causes of Yellow Teeth

May 24, 2016 718 Views

Having a pretty smile is an integral part of an overall decent personality. However, yellow teeth have become increasingly common nowadays, due to which most of the people are struggling to maintain their healthy smiles. A yellow dentition can certainly turn a pleasant smile into an ugly one. This can definitely influence an individual’s self … Continue reading “The Various Causes of Yellow Teeth”

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Importance of Oral Hygiene for a Healthy Lifestyle

May 13, 2016 777 Views

Dental hygiene is an extremely important component of your overall health. Most of the bacteria and impurities tend to enter the body through the oral cavity. All sorts of bacteria and germs get destroyed in your mouth because of the action of saliva which has a variety of antibacterial properties. Of course, when the impurities … Continue reading “Importance of Oral Hygiene for a Healthy Lifestyle”

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The Family Dentist and Oral Hygiene

March 10, 2016 599 Views

No one likes visiting the family dentist. You usually associate your visits to the dentist with fluorescent lights, cold surgical chairs, and pain. Not to forget those trays that are filled with dangerous-looking, spiky tools. No matter how much you may want to avoid visiting the family dentist, it is important for your oral hygiene. … Continue reading “The Family Dentist and Oral Hygiene”

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Trouble in Your Mouth? Here is What You Can Do about It!

January 20, 2016 516 Views

Do you feel a sharp and intense pain when you bite down on you food? Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? Do you have a loose tooth? If you are one of the unlucky individuals dealing with any of the above issues, you should stop feeling so down in the dumps about … Continue reading “Trouble in Your Mouth? Here is What You Can Do about It!”

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Oral Health – Prevention Is The Key

August 21, 2015 452 Views

We all love to keep our home and surroundings clean and fresh as it portrays the well being of your family while ardently displaying your sense of style. Similarly, a healthy mouth stands for great health! At Village Park Family Dental, we believe that great oral care is necessary for excellent overall health. Clean and … Continue reading “Oral Health – Prevention Is The Key”

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