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Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry

June 30, 2020 1205 Views

It is beneficial for your child to see a dentist regularly. Initiating regular visits at an early age helps maintain their overall oral health and sets a base for good oral health habits. Here are a few reasons why going for a pediatric dentist is right for your child. The pediatric dentist difference A dental … Continue reading “Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry”

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Nursing Issues? Call a Pediatric Dentist.

February 15, 2020 553 Views

If your baby is having nursing issues, then you are probably desperate to solve the problem. While there are many reasons your baby could have problems latching, dental issues are not commonly talked about. Of course, a baby’s mouth hugely impacts their ability to nurse! Fortunately, there are experts who can help. Below, we will … Continue reading “Nursing Issues? Call a Pediatric Dentist.”

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Care for Kids

June 26, 2019 698 Views

How you handle your children’s dental care in their formative years will go a long way in determining their oral health in the future. Below are common questions that parents find themselves asking about their child’s dental care; some of them may apply to your child now or in the future: When do children start … Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Care for Kids”

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Dental Tips for Teething Babies

April 23, 2019 929 Views

Babies start teething when they are between 6 months to 2 years old. As the teeth attempt to break through their gum lines, they may feel some discomfort and try to alleviate it by putting everything they see into their mouths. If your baby is teething, here are some ways you can reduce their pain: … Continue reading “Dental Tips for Teething Babies”

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Wellness Dentistry for Children: It’s More Than Straight Teeth

February 23, 2019 639 Views

While everyone wants to help their kids maintain healthy smiles, wellness dentistry for children goes beyond aesthetics. Find out how kids’ dentistry with a focus on overall wellness can have a positive impact on your little ones’ oral health. What is Wellness Dentistry? In the minds of many, dentistry focuses solely on the teeth. While … Continue reading “Wellness Dentistry for Children: It’s More Than Straight Teeth”

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Children’s Brushing Tips from Your Affordable Dentist

January 16, 2018 558 Views

It’s a common problem for children to try to avoid brushing their teeth. From the child’s point of view brushing just takes time away from playing, and it signals it’s about time to go to bed. Some children seem to have a harder time brushing than others but, whatever the reasons, most parents struggle when … Continue reading “Children’s Brushing Tips from Your Affordable Dentist”

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4 Benefits of Finding a Dentist that is Good with Kids

December 26, 2016 642 Views

Kids don’t like visiting the doctor or dentist. It’s an age-old tradition that has plagued parents and medical professionals for years. However, some dentists have made great strides to improve the level of service provided to young patients. Through an innovative approach that caters to younger patients, these dental practices have forged closer relationships with … Continue reading “4 Benefits of Finding a Dentist that is Good with Kids”

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Common Ways for Children to Damage their Teeth

June 7, 2016 604 Views

Children are geniuses when it comes to making trouble. Every parent experiences this; you find your kid doing stuff that isn’t just harmful for them, but is also so strange that you wouldn’t even think of it. Kids are very creative at harming themselves as well. They’ll injure themselves and make themselves sick by eating … Continue reading “Common Ways for Children to Damage their Teeth”

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When Should You Take Your Child to See a Dentist?

November 21, 2015 637 Views

On your child’s first birthday, you should make an appointment with a family dental care clinic in your area. You can either visit the dentist on the same day as your child’s birthday or if that is too scary for your child, take them the following week. However, most parents will think that is too … Continue reading “When Should You Take Your Child to See a Dentist?”

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Does My Child Need A Sport Mouth Guard?

August 11, 2015 584 Views

Summer is here! This is the perfect weather for outdoor picnics and sports. And what better way to spend your time outdoors than to participate in all manners of games! As parents you already understand the necessity of ensuring your child’s participation in team and individual sports. They help develop social and motor skills, inculcate … Continue reading “Does My Child Need A Sport Mouth Guard?”

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