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Four Preventive Care Solutions that Work

April 03, 2017

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. With how many more of these proverbs are you familiar? Believe it or not, common sense wisdom for preventive care solutions have been around longer than your childhood. Here are four to jog your memory:


Precise oral care starts with brushing your teeth, and not just brushing them any old way. Gently scrub your teeth in circles with your toothbrush to remove plaque and massage the gums. If you are not spending at least a minute brushing your teeth, you are not spending enough time with each tooth or increasing the blood flow to your mouth.

Select a toothbrush with bristles best-suited for your mouth’s sensitivity. If you are making your mouth bleed, you are brushing too hard, are using a toothbrush with bristles not ideal for your gums or have an infection.


The same goes for flossing. If your gums start bleeding when you floss, it means you have an infection or are forgetting to floss at least once a day. When it comes to oral hygiene, most people are quick to sacrifice the time it takes to floss. Food gets caught in your teeth. Plaque and tartar build up. Suddenly, you are wondering why your gums are receding and you are getting sick more often.


Swishing your mouth with salt water has a different property than mouthwash. Salt water not only disinfects and keeps away bacteria but is also one of many nutrients known to be a preventive care solution. Without proper nutrition, your body is easily susceptible to bacteria and diseases. Teeth are no exception. In fact, studies show that most sicknesses start from an unhealthy mouth.

Since the mouth is where the bones are exposed just beneath the gums, the nutrients that keep your mouth healthy are much the same as your bones. Sodium, Calcium,Vitamin D, Protein, Vitamin K2, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Magnesium are a few that do not have too little or too much for bone health. Whole grains and fresh fruits and veggies are the usual diet rich in these nutrients.

Catching the rays is another way to absorb Vitamin D. Sunshine is also stress-relieving, which is important since stress breaks down the immune system. A little diet, sunshine and exercise keep you smiling strong. Who knew doctor’s orders and common sense wisdom are not so surprising, after all?


The regularity of dentist appointments in preventive care solutions are no different than your annual physical with one exception: cleaning. Unlike physicals, which are a mere screening, regular dental checkups prevent the buildup of plaque, which leads to gum recession, gum disease, and tooth infections. Call Village Park Family Dental to make an appointment or email for more information.

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