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My Wisdom Tooth Has A Cavity, And It Hurts — What Should I Do?

March 30, 2023

Among the many dental problems, a cavity is the most common issue many people experience. But have you ever heard of a wisdom tooth cavity? Yes, just like other teeth, your third molars are susceptible to cavities as well. Decay can occur in any part of your teeth, and it can turn into a cavity if you don’t seek dental attention.

So, what’s the deal with a wisdom tooth cavity? Continue reading this blog to find out all about cavities in your third molars.

So, Wisdom Tooth Cavity is Possible?

Many people don’t pay much attention to their third molars, which could be because a lot of individuals never have to deal with them. Usually, dentists recommend wisdom teeth extractions since the third molars can cause a lot of discomforts. Moreover, we already have a full set of teeth by the time wisdom teeth arrive — which could result in crowding, impacted molars, and more.

A cavity is most likely to occur in an impacted wisdom tooth rather than a fully erupted tooth. This is because food and bacteria can collect between the wisdom tooth and its neighboring tooth. As a result, dental issues such as decay and cavities can occur. Furthermore, since wisdom teeth are harder to clean, it increases the possibility of cavities. You might find it challenging to brush and floss the third molar due to its location.

Wisdom Tooth Cavity Treatment

If you suspect a wisdom tooth cavity, it is best to visit a dental specialist. They can assess your teeth and diagnose the extent, size, location, etc., of the cavity to proceed with suitable treatment. Then, depending on your case, they might proceed with one of the following procedures to eliminate wisdom tooth cavity:

1. Dental Filling
If the cavity is diagnosed early, your dentist might recommend a dental filling procedure. The dentist will remove the decay first. Once the affected area is clean, they will proceed with placing the filling material to seal the hole and prevent your tooth from further damage.
With the help of teeth filling, your dentist can ensure that the decay does not stop. All you’ll be required to do is follow proper oral care. Since filling stops the cavity in its tracks, you no longer have to experience pain, sensitivity, and other symptoms.

2. Dental Crown
A dental cap can help protect your third molar from additional harm. After the dental procedure, a dental crown effectively covers your wisdom tooth, preventing tooth decay and infections. Plus, it does not leave room for food particles, bacteria, and other dental debris to invade the tooth. That’s not all! Your third molar will remain strong, with no breakage or breaking. Therefore, the dentist might recommend a crown after treating the wisdom tooth cavity.

3. Tooth Extraction
Sometimes, the cavity is too severe for restoration. In that case, your dentist might suggest a wisdom tooth extraction to avoid additional issues. Most wisdom teeth cases end in teeth removal, especially if the molar is impacted, infected, coming in the wrong way, or severely damaged. This way, you don’t have to live through further discomfort.

Final Takeaway
In conclusion, a wisdom tooth cavity can cause discomfort, but your dentist will have the solution. Our team at Village Park Family Dental knows how important your oral health is; schedule an appointment with us today at (281) 376-4444. You can visit us at 12617 Louetta Rd Suite #204 Cypress, TX 77429.

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