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Myths about Braces

September 21, 2015

There are plenty of myths regarding braces.  Braces can be a great option for your dental health, but, it is also possible that you are hesitant with trying them because of any one of the common myths about the dental procedure below:

People Need Braces For Cosmetic Purposes Only:

Who does not love better cosmetic results? While a lot of people are motivated to get braces for themselves for cosmetic reasons, this is not the major reason behind the decision.

Braces are a way to keep your teeth healthy and improve your dental health. Here are a few reasons why people get braces for themselves.

  • Teeth are not aligned properly which makes it difficult for you to eat food.
  • Teeth are crowded and make it hard for you to clean your gums.
  • Grinding teeth will create an uneven pattern of wearing teeth down.

I am Too Old For Braces

This again is the most common myth about braces. As long as the teeth are healthy, you can benefit from braces no matter what your age. Nobody is ever too old to improve their dental health.

If you are someone you know has had cosmetic work then orthodontics is a great way to enhance the outcomes. For instance, if you had crowns fitted but your teeth are not straight, then braces can improve the outlook of the crowns.

I Only Need To Wear My Braces Half of the Time to Get the Same Results

Rubber bands were designed so that your top teeth can be positioned in line with your bottom teeth.  These are also designed to be removable for when you need to eat or whenever you feel it is necessary to remove them.  But, the fact is that your orthodontist is counting on you to wear these all the time so that they work. The best thing to do is to ensure you understand your specific treatment plan and follow the instructions that are given.

You Need to Be Stuck With Braces for a Decade for Them to Work

This is also a common misconception for a lot of people who are getting their braces for the first time. Many times when someone states that they have had braces for 10 years and their teeth are not corrected they often believe the braces were not effective in correcting their bite.

Mostly this happens in the case of children. They have braces for 6 months when they are 8 years old;  but, when all the baby teeth are replaced with adult, the need for the braces arises again.

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