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Oral Health – Prevention Is The Key

August 21, 2015

We all love to keep our home and surroundings clean and fresh as it portrays the well being of your family while ardently displaying your sense of style. Similarly, a healthy mouth stands for great health!

At Village Park Family Dental, we believe that great oral care is necessary for excellent overall health. Clean and healthy mouths are more than just pain free smiles. They make you more confident and work wonders for your self-esteem. It builds energy that empowers you to succeed!

Thus, a healthy mouth is of utmost necessity. And just like your home, a healthy mouth needs regular upkeep to ensure cleanliness and great upkeep.

At this point, if you are thinking that simply brushing your teeth twice a day is what is needed, we assure you it is not enough. Brushing is important, but so is flossing, gargling and regular dental checkups. Simply brushing your teeth does not protect you from different kinds of oral ailments.

Brushing helps remove plaque from your teeth. When plaque is not removed, it forms a film on your teeth that contains bacteria which releases acids that destroy the enamel in your teeth. But that is not all. You also need to regularly floss. Flossing removes plaque from areas between the teeth where toothbrushes cannot reach. Similarly, gargling with a mouthwash can help you take care of bad breath.

However, all of these are hygiene behaviors and similar to showering daily to stay clean, seeing a dentist routinely for prevention, is also very important. One may say, “None of my teeth hurt so why would I go see a dentist?” But prevention is always the key.

When it comes to oral health, the sooner you detect a problem the less severe the treatment may turn out to be. Imagine detecting and fixing a cavity before it escalates further into a painful root canal! Regular checkups help in early detection and save you from pain! Like they say, a stitch in time saves nine!

When you visit your dentist and dental hygienists for a regular dental checkup they evaluate your oral health on various factors that cover your teeth, gums, tongue, throat, face, head, and neck. This is to look for any signs of trouble, swelling, or cancer. Quite clearly they look for more than just cavities, tartar or plaque!

Any dental visit comprises of checkup and a cleaning. While you can continue to remove plaque at home with regular brushing, you cannot remove tartar build-up so easily. This is where your dental hygienist and dentist can help to get that bacteria off your teeth.

When you conduct a dental health checkup with a reliable dentist who maintains your dental history, it ensures consistent and complete oral health. This allows your control over your oral hygiene! Thus, we recommend scheduling a visit at Village Park Family Dental for a complete checkup today and keeping with your dentist for years to come!
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