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Suitable Treatments To Fix Overlapping Front Teeth

December 15, 2023

You can look at a misaligned set of teeth and instantly figure out that some of these pearls couldn’t find a space to fit in your dental arch. Misaligned teeth are far beyond a cosmetic concern. There are plenty of other complications they can cause, such as jaw pain and problems in chewing and speaking. Such problems are considered a big abnormality that needs to be addressed.

Why Are My Front Teeth Overlapping?

Teeth can overlap due to numerous reasons. The main cause of overlapping teeth, like various other health conditions, will be genetics. Other causes that contribute are:

  • Small mouth or jaw size that fails to accommodate the whole set of teeth. Teeth then erupt in whatever spot they find suitable.
  • You might have extra teeth inside, more than your mouth needs. This puts force on your front teeth, causing them to shift and overlap.
  • Childhood habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting can also cause your teeth to misalign.
  • Oral health problems like periodontal disease or tumors in the mouth can modify your teeth structure.
  • If your upper and lower jaw sizes differ, it results in overbite or underbite issues.
  • Missing teeth due to injury can also lead to misalignment in teeth.
  • Improperly performed dental restorations, such as crowns and fillings, can lead to overcrowded teeth.

How Do You Fix Overlapping Teeth Naturally?

You can’t safely align your teeth without professional intervention. There are some old-school, DIY methods expected to work. However, they won’t straighten your teeth but hurt them and lead to irreparable damage. Let’s discuss these natural methods and their drawbacks.

Tongue Thrusting:
People think pushing their tongue against their teeth can cause their misaligned teeth to fall in line.

Tongue thrusting leads to soreness and irritated gums. It does not impact shifting teeth from one position to another.

Biting Sticks
Chewing on hard items such as a wooden stick will pressurize teeth, causing them to align.

Continuous biting on a stick will not correct misaligned teeth. It will instead harm the enamel. Such practice can put unnecessary pressure on the jaw. It is impossible for a chewing method to move your teeth into their desired spots.

Teeth Overlapping Treatment

Aligning overlapping teeth requires accurate treatment, time, and patience. However, the results are worth it. These treatment options include:

  1. Traditional Braces
    Metal braces are undoubtedly the most effective method to align teeth. These traditional braces are crafted with metal wires tied around your teeth to put them in a straight line. Doing so can completely reshape overcrowded teeth.
  2. Clear Aligners
    It is the most common choice among adults who want a treatment with a discreet look. Clear aligners work the same as braces. However, there can be a minor difference in the performance of both. They are a bit costly compared to metal braces, but in the end, this investment is all worth it, leaving you with a beautiful smile.
  3. Veneers
    They are laminated porcelain shells resembling your natural teeth. These shell-like sheets are bonded to the surface of your front teeth like we place fake nails. Veneers are designed to answer all your cosmetic concerns but are pricier than other solutions.
  4. Tooth Extraction
    If your teeth are severely crowded to surpass the brace’s ability. Your dentist can recommend tooth extraction for better alignment. They might also suggest surgery.

Bottom Line

Have overlapping teeth? This is not something meddling with your appearance only; it gives birth to bigger dental troubles in the future. Visit us at Village Park Family Orthodontics and Wellness Dentistry for all your dental problems. Dial (281) 376-4444 to book an appointment today.

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