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How to Stop Cheek Biting?

December 30, 2023

Cheek biting sounds like a harmless habit like nail biting. Nails are hard bone-like tissues; they might not be damaged due to biting. However, the insides of your cheek are fragile and soft tissues, and even a minor injury to your oral tissues can go a long way in terms of complications.

Why Do I Keep Biting the Inside of My Cheek?

There are multiple reasons why people bite their cheeks. Some of these reasons include:

  • Distraction: Have you ever found yourself staring blankly into space while sitting in front of the TV? Such a lack of attention can unknowingly make you bite your cheeks.
  • Accidental Biting: Sometimes, people end up biting on their cheek while eating or talking. This is accidental, like cars bumping into each other.
  • Depression or Anxiety: Just like some people bite their nails in confusion. You can also bite your cheek as a response to stress.
  • Misaligned Dental Arch: Deviated molars or wisdom teeth can hurt your cheeks. A misalignment in your dental arch or rough crowns due to enamel erosion can also do the same.
  • Psychological-Related Biting: If you have a chronic cheek-biting habit, you probably have a psychological disorder. This pushes a person to continuously bite their cheek without even realizing it. It’s a body-focused repetitive movement they perform.

How to Prevent Cheek Biting?

If cheek biting has become a part of your daily routine, or you have mouth sores. Seek advice from your dentist. They can solve your issue with the help of dental devices or surgery.

First of all, figure out the severity of your cheek biting. If it is chronic, it can require extensive treatment. However, habitual cheek biters can benefit from some tried and tested methods. Such as:

  • Replace your cheek chewing with chewing gum. Sugarless will be the best option.
  • Fill your lungs with air, hold your breath for a few seconds, then exhale. Deep breathing will help you relax and shake away stress.
  • Observe the causes due to which your habit kicks in. Try replacing it with some other activity.

How Do You Heal a Bitten Cheek?

Habitual cheek biters sometimes end up biting their cheeks severely. It can become a mouth sore or wound requiring treatment and healing time. Following are some measures you can take before you go to your dentist.

  • Rinse your mouth with saltwater.
  • Apply some ice on the bite; you can also keep an ice cube on the inside of your cheek.
  • You can take anti-inflammatories for pain relief.
  • Smear an antiseptic gel to keep it germ-free.

Bottom Line

Biting cheeks might not seem like a big feat. However, any damage to your oral tissues should be prevented as much as possible. If you do it out of habit, you can grow out of it following discipline.

But if you have cheek-biting scars from dental issues, contact our dental professionals at Village Park. Call us at (281) 376-4444 to schedule an appointment.

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