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The Braces Procedure — How Long Does it Take?

February 15, 2023

Do you have misaligned teeth? If yes, your dentist might recommend wearing braces to straighten them. Braces can help eliminate dental issues like gaps, crooked teeth, and more. However, many people wonder, “How long does it take to get braces?”

In this blog, we will explain what to expect when getting braces. Keep reading to learn the essentials.

How Long Is the Process of Getting Braces?

Generally, the process of getting braces takes around one to two hours. Depending on the kind of braces you are going to wear and your teeth, the process can take one or two appointments.

The Process of Getting Braces

Now, let us inform you about the actual process of what happens when you get braces. The procedure is pretty straightforward, usually taking around 30 minutes.

The process of getting braces will involve these steps:

  1. The orthodontist will clean and dry your teeth.
  2. Next, the orthodontist will apply a special adhesive to your teeth’s surface to hold the brackets in place. With the help of bonding glue, the brackets will be attached to your teeth.
  3. Then, the dental specialist connects horizontal wires to the brackets, stabilizing them.
  4. Lastly, the dentist will use tiny rubber bands to secure the wire to the brackets.

If you’re receiving lingual braces or braces behind teeth, they have many similar components to conventional braces. However, their placement might take longer due to the position. And, in case you’re getting invisalign clear aligners, your orthodontist will first have to get an impression of your teeth. Once they receive the invisalign, the orthodontist will call you in for an appointment to place them.

After the Appointment

You will need to follow a special aftercare once you have received your braces; from the food, you eat to how you brush your teeth, you have to be cautious about everything. Even though the process is not painful, your mouth will be sore for a few days. Your dentist will recommend medicines and treatments to reduce the discomfort; make sure to ask them!

Apart from this, you will need to visit your dentist regularly. This is an essential part of braces maintenance. Proper care is super important for significant and fast results! Gradually, the braces work to reposition your teeth, be it by moving them further apart, together, or straightening them. This would require adjustments in your braces as well, which is why you should not miss the appointments with your orthodontist.

Everyone’s treatment plan is customized according to their requirements, but you can expect a visit to the dental office every 3 to 10 weeks. Moreover, you might need a retainer afterward to make sure your teeth don’t move back into the misaligned position.

The Final Takeaway

Receiving braces can take around a couple of hours, depending on your teeth and the type of braces you are getting. Make sure to attend all of your appointments regularly for remarkable outcomes. At Village Park Family Dental, our team makes sure your oral health comes first. Drop by our dental clinic at 12617 Louetta Rd Suite #204, Cypress, TX 77429. You can also book an appointment with us by dialing (281) 376-4444.

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