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4 Different Types of Partial Dnetures For Front Teeth

January 30, 2023

Despite what the cartoons show, not everyone needs a full set of dentures. Sometimes, a partial treatment is just what’s needed. A person falling face first will most likely damage their front teeth. Similarly, accidents or injuries that target a set number of teeth need to be treated accordingly —- this is where partial dentures come in.

Whether you need partial dentures for your front or back teeth, these prosthetics are perfect for completing your smile. Plus, they give you the confidence boost you deserve!

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are removable dentures that are used to replace three or more missing teeth. Due to their convenient shape, you can customize them to fit both the upper and lower side of your jaw.

Much like full dentures, partial dentures can be removed at any given time. And since they’re anchored to your neighboring teeth, their durability and resistance are quite similar to natural teeth. So much so that you can easily eat your favorite food without a single worry.

Can You Get Partial Dentures For Front Teeth?

Absolutely! The intent of partial dentures is to help cover and replace missing teeth in the front of your mouth and the back. Not to mention, they’re perfect for people suffering from low confidence due to their lost teeth.

Be it to bite down or chew on food; front teeth play a major role in one’s being. In fact, it’s the first thing people notice when you smile. This is precisely why partial dentures for front teeth are the perfect restorative option.

Moreover, besides enhancing your appearance, partial dentures can also boost your dental health. They offer support for your facial muscles and tend to reduce the risk of oral bone loss.

Types of Partial Dentures

The best part about partial dentures is the variety they provide. Depending on your preferences, along with your budget, you can choose any of the following types of partial dentures:

  1. Acrylic Clasp Partial Dentures
    Consisting of an acrylic base, these partial dentures easily clasp onto your teeth. Although a bit on the bulkier side, these prosthetics offer stability and long-term durability.
  2. Cast Metal Partial Dentures
    These dentures are by far one of the most commonly selected. They’re made out of a cast metal frame, with pontic teeth attached to it. Since they’re affordable and look extremely realistic, people tend to gravitate toward them more.
  3. Plastic Partial Dentures
    Offering comfort and ease, plastic partial dentures are created from specialized impact-resistant materials. This allows for a comfortable fit, with no irritation or discomfort to worry about.
  4. Flexible Partial Dentures
    Just like the name suggests, flexible partial dentures are easy to use, flexible, and quite snug. Once they slide right into your mouth, it can be pretty hard to distinguish your real teeth from the dentures.


To sum it up, you can definitely get partial dentures for your front teeth. Plus, in order to boost your oral health, these dental prosthetics are the perfect addition. From enhancing your smile to making it easy to eat, partial dentures are the most convenient form of restorative dentistry.

Nonetheless, for more information, contact Village Park Family, Orthodontics & Wellness Center at (281) 376-4444. You can also drop by our wellness center located at 12617 Louetta Rd Suite #204, Cypress, TX 77429, next to Super Family Cuts.

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