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5 Effective Ways To Relieve Wisdom Tooth Pain

December 30, 2022

Everyone knows about the pain that comes with wisdom teeth. It’s a way for them to announce their arrival, so jaw pain and constant migraines are a given. But after some time, the pain can get too much to bear.

Moreover, if the wisdom tooth is still growing, it might not be ready to be extracted. What should you do then? How can you relieve wisdom tooth pain without scheduling an extraction surgery?

Luckily for you, we’ve listed all the ways to relieve wisdom tooth pain in this blog, so take a look below.

How To Relieve Wisdom Tooth Pain

Whether it’s jaw pain, ear pain, or even just a passing headache, wisdom tooth pain can be quite intense. So much so that it can take away from your daily activities, preventing you from accomplishing everyday tasks.

Nevertheless, here are some ways to relieve the bouts of pain, no matter how severe it may seem.

  1. Take Pain-Relieving Medications
    Over-the-counter medications work great in terms of reducing pain. Ibuprofen, especially, is a medicine that minimizes inflammation.If you don’t have a doctor’s prescription, just follow the instructions mentioned on the back of the packaging. The recommended dosage, according to your age group, will help relieve the signs of pain.Although, if you do not like Ibuprofen, that’s okay. You can go for any other NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).
  2. Apply a Cold Compress Over The Affected Area
    Applying an ice pack timely over the affected area can significantly reduce inflammation. Thus, when the swelling goes down, it can minimize the pain you feel. Moreover, an ice-cold compress will help to numb the area, preventing further aches.When using an ice pack, remember to switch it frequently. Keep alternating with 15-minute breaks in the middle until the pain all but goes away.
  3. Use a Numbing Gel
    When nothing else works, a numbing gel is all that you need. More specifically, a dental numbing gel that contains benzocaine.By applying the gel to your gums, you can numb the area to prevent the pain from erupting throughout the day. This will allow you to eat without having to stop midway from sudden toothaches. But before use, read the package instructions on the back and make sure you’re not allergic to the main ingredients.
  4. Rinse Your Mouth With A Saltwater Solution
    Mixing salt with warm water is extremely beneficial. It turns into an antibacterial solution that kills all oral bacteria. This means that rinsing your mouth with the saltwater solution can significantly reduce germs and bacteria hidden between your teeth or gums.Due to its disinfectant properties, using a saltwater solution daily can help relieve wisdom tooth pain.
  5. Apply Clove Oil
    After careful research and studies, cloves were discovered to be quite helpful for pain. They have special numbing properties that come in handy when dealing with severe bouts of discomfort.A single piece of clove is enough to work as a topical pain reliever. You can either place the clove directly over the wisdom tooth area or apply a few drops of clove oil.

When To Seek A Dentist

If the wisdom tooth pain gets out of hand and you cannot relieve its intensity, it’s time to visit your dentist. Depending on its size and shape, your dentist might suggest getting a wisdom tooth extraction surgery.

For more information on the matter, contact Village Park Family, Orthodontics & Wellness Center at (281) 376-4444. You can also find our dental clinic located at 12617 Louetta Rd Suite #204, Cypress, TX 77429, besides Super Family Cuts.

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