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Common Misconceptions about Occlusion and How to Set Them Straight

August 30, 2023

Occlusion refers to the alignment of your teeth, of both upper and lower jaws, when they sit on each other while you speak, eat or chew. In other words, it is the force that’s distributed across your mouth fostered by aligned teeth. This is not only important for a beautiful smile but also speaks volume about your oral health.

Two Types of Occlusion

Normal occlusion – refers to an ideal alignment of teeth
Malocclusion – refers to misaligned teeth for example crowded or gapped

Myths and Misconceptions about Occlusion

Misaligned teeth is a Cosmetic issue

Most people associate misaligned teeth to being a cosmetic and aesthetic issue. That is not the case. Cosmetic points are brownie points. While they add up to the aesthetics of the face, misaligned teeth can be a root cause for other oral health problems.

Perfect alignment means perfect occlusion

While proper alignment contributes to ideal occlusion but that’s not always sufficient. Even with properly aligned teeth, any deviations in how they come together can pose problems in biting or general discomfort.

Malocclusion causes TMJ disorders

Malocclusion can contribute to TMJ disorders but is not just the only cause. TMJ can be cause by several reasons such as teeth grinding, jaw injury, stress and genetics.

Bruxism happens due to Malocclusion

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding is often triggered by stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Malocclusion can be one cause but it is not always the primary or only cause.

Teeth Adjustment is the solution to all Dental Problems

Dental and oral problem is a very vast topic to cover. Teeth alignment is not an answer to all dental problems just like Panadol is not a cure for every pain. While occlusal adjustments can increase functionality and minimize pain or discomfort, it does not cover for other dental issues which might need comprehensive care.

Occlusion does not affect tooth wear

It is quite common that occlusion can affect tooth wear. The way your teeth align and create a force for biting and chewing, any imbalances might affect sensitivity and even lead to cavities and even breaking of teeth.

Dental occlusion is not related to speech

This is a common misconception that surrounds dental occlusion. The positioning of your teeth can affect speech, sound and articulation.
Dental occlusions don’t change over time

With proper dental care and using the right treatment methods, dental occlusion can go away. However the changes are slow and gradual but it is not an irreversible dental problem.

Concluding Remarks:

Imagine a puzzle where all the pieces come together to form a perfect image. That’s how your teeth are; like a puzzle which needs to sit and fit, right and perfect for maximum functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. If you have any questions regarding your teeth alignment and are looking for individually tailored solutions, head to Village Park Family Dental or contact us at (281) 376-4444 for expert help.

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