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Taking Care of your ‘Gum’ Problems

Jun 14, 2016940 Views

A dental issue which is not given adequate attention by many is the health of gums. Gum maintenance is something most people tend to ignore as they suffer from the delusion that their gums will always stay in ‘perfect’ condition come what may. However, the reality is very different—you’ll develop ‘gum ‘problems if you do […]

Common Ways for Children to Damage their Teeth

Jun 7, 2016740 Views

Children are geniuses when it comes to making trouble. Every parent experiences this; you find your kid doing stuff that isn’t just harmful for them, but is also so strange that you wouldn’t even think of it. Kids are very creative at harming themselves as well. They’ll injure themselves and make themselves sick by eating […]

The Various Causes of Yellow Teeth

May 24, 20161091 Views

Having a pretty smile is an integral part of an overall decent personality. However, yellow teeth have become increasingly common nowadays, due to which most of the people are struggling to maintain their healthy smiles. A yellow dentition can certainly turn a pleasant smile into an ugly one. This can definitely influence an individual’s self […]

Importance of Oral Hygiene for a Healthy Lifestyle

May 13, 20161130 Views

Dental hygiene is an extremely important component of your overall health. Most of the bacteria and impurities tend to enter the body through the oral cavity. All sorts of bacteria and germs get destroyed in your mouth because of the action of saliva which has a variety of antibacterial properties. Of course, when the impurities […]

Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist’s Office

Apr 23, 2016770 Views

Fear of the dentist (usually referred to as Odontophobia) is definitely more common than you might imagine. Visiting the dentist isn’t anything someone would willingly do. After all, getting poked and being stuck with your whole mouth wide open is definitely not an ideal scenario. However, the good thing is that dentists nowadays are trained […]

3 Reasons to Visit Your Family Dentist Regularly

Apr 12, 2016656 Views

Regular checkups and cleanings not only keep your teeth white and straight, but they also save you a considerable amount of money by helping in the prevention of a variety of serious diseases. Unfortunately, as far as medical checkups are concerned, most of the people aren’t as diligent when it comes to paying a visit […]

The Family Dentist and Oral Hygiene

Mar 10, 2016853 Views

No one likes visiting the family dentist. You usually associate your visits to the dentist with fluorescent lights, cold surgical chairs, and pain. Not to forget those trays that are filled with dangerous-looking, spiky tools. No matter how much you may want to avoid visiting the family dentist, it is important for your oral hygiene. […]

What to Expect from a Family Dentist?

Mar 5, 2016726 Views

As teeth are quite important for the overall functioning of the body, it is highly essential for people to maintain their oral health properly. If your teeth aren’t healthy, they are likely to affect your eating habits, resultantly leading to malnutrition. Furthermore, if the body isn’t receiving a proper supply of nutrients and vitamins, it […]

The Role of Dental Assistants In Family Dental Care

Feb 16, 2016711 Views

Every family needs a dentist, one who is able to do standard treatment and checkup procedures along with preventive dentistry. There are quite common issues related to dental health and oral hygiene which are the main priorities of family dental care. In any case, family dental consideration is equipped for taking care of dental issues […]


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