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Village Park’s Holistic Approach to Wellbeing Founded in TMJ Dentistry

April 13, 2018

Many people are not aware of the strong connection between the physiology of the mouth, head, and neck and the overall health of the total body. Often patients view visits to the dentist as merely the process of checking out the health of their mouth and gums. The reality is, however, that there is a great deal more to the link between a person’s overall health and only the health of that person’s teeth and gums. When you have a checkup at Village Park Family Dental, our Houston TMJ dentist considers not only, your teeth and gums, but also your bite, jaw joint, and neck.

TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint which is the joint connecting your jaw to your head, one on each side of your face. The joint is complex, allowing it to execute compound motions which permit a person to chew, speak, etc. By evaluating the TM joint, along with the head and neck, muscle tension, snoring, teeth grinding, sleep apnea, as well as your teeth and gums, our TMJ dentist in Houston can develop a complete picture of your dental wellbeing. This analysis includes not only your teeth and gums but also other head and neck issues. Should any problems be found, the dentist will outline a customized treatment plan.

Village Park Dental utilizes the latest technologies in patient treatments. Our TMJ dentist in Houston received specialized training at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies or LVI. This training incorporates TMJ considerations in the whole practice of dentistry. At LVI the concept of total patient physiology combined with the most advanced technologies, materials, and protocols forms the basis of advanced dental coursework. This cutting-edge dentistry allows Village Park to offer new treatments for TMJ disorders.

TMJ problems extend beyond the mouth and may include chronic facial pain, earaches, jaw joint pain, and headaches. These issues can be caused by a poor bite, misalignment of the teeth and jaw, clenching or grinding of teeth, lost or missing teeth, neck or jaw injury, or dislocation of soft tissue within the joint itself. Should you have pain in the neck or shoulders, popping or clicking of the jaw, headaches, or facial pains, these conditions could be TMJ related, and you should schedule an appointment with our TMJ dentist in Houston for evaluation. During this evaluation our dentist will take into consideration, not only the TM joint, but also your facial structure, bones, and teeth and gums. This holistic approach to dentistry uses the latest advances in dental technology and ensures the highest quality of dental care available.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of TMJ problems, or if it is time for your next biannual checkup, give the offices of your TMJ dentist in Houston a call to schedule an appointment. The staff at Village Park Family Dental Center will be happy to assist you with your questions. We also offer Saturday and evening appointments: discuss with our appointment desk. Call today, 281-376-4444.

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