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Tooth pain after filling: Is it normal?

July 30, 2021 2770 Views

Quite a few times, patients experience tooth pain after filling. Is it normal? Or is tooth sensitivity months after a filling is the point of concern? Or do you need to fear toothache? Well, look no more for the correct answers! The blog answers all your queries related to tooth pain after filling. What is … Continue reading “Tooth pain after filling: Is it normal?”

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Here Is Everything You Need To Know About A Toothbrush Sanitizer

June 30, 2021 2338 Views

Toothbrush sanitizers are sanitizers to wipe all traces of bacteria from your toothbrush in an instant. You can find them at any drug or cosmetics store. Most of these toothbrush sanitizers are antibacterial rinses, however, some of them are UltraViolet Sanitizers. Antibacterial sanitizers require that you rinse the toothbrush with them or soak the toothbrush … Continue reading “Here Is Everything You Need To Know About A Toothbrush Sanitizer”

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Smokers Teeth Is When Your Teeth Turn Yellow Due To Excessive Smoking

June 15, 2021 1127 Views

Smoking does not just harm your lungs. It damages your teeth as well. The first sign for a smoker’s teeth is yellow, stained teeth. Smoking is also known to cause bad breath and turn your lips to a darker shade. Smoking can also cause gum disease that eventually leads to tooth loss. While periodontitis can … Continue reading “Smokers Teeth Is When Your Teeth Turn Yellow Due To Excessive Smoking”

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Are Your Teeth Sensitive To Hot And Cold? Here Is What You Can Do

May 15, 2021 2154 Views

Dentin is the cause of tooth sensitivity. It is the matter under the enamel, and once it is exposed, you start feeling dental sensitivity. Why this happens is that the dentin holds tubules, and these are connected to the nerves. As these tubules are exposed, the path to your nerves is open, and any stimuli … Continue reading “Are Your Teeth Sensitive To Hot And Cold? Here Is What You Can Do”

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Radiation Exposure! Do X Rays Harm My Child’s Teeth?

April 30, 2021 1075 Views

Dentists recommend a pediatric X-ray to measure tooth decay within children. They also allow the dentist to evaluate tooth development. Most dentists recommend X-rays for children after the age of two. While Dental X-rays involve radiation, levels of exposure are kept as low as possible to ensure better health for your child. Traditional X-rays have … Continue reading “Radiation Exposure! Do X Rays Harm My Child’s Teeth?”

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How Does Flossing Benefit The Heart?

April 15, 2021 735 Views

We’ve always heard about the benefits of flossing for oral health. Recently research has proven that the benefits of flossing extend towards the entire body. Flossing reduces the risk of stroke, diabetes, cleans the respiratory system, and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Research has also proven that flossing regularly increases life expectancy. Gum disease, … Continue reading “How Does Flossing Benefit The Heart?”

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If You Are Turning Into A Teenager, Here Are Some Dental Treatments You Can Benefit From

March 30, 2021 629 Views

We all must maintain a proper oral hygiene routine, and as a parent; you will have to establish this in your children from their childhood. As your baby turns six months, you can start these practices. It is essential that as your children grow and start doing these things on their own, you pass on … Continue reading “If You Are Turning Into A Teenager, Here Are Some Dental Treatments You Can Benefit From”

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What Are Some Benefits Of Having Done A Dental Implant?

March 15, 2021 2271 Views

Millions of Americans have had dental implants due to suffering teeth decay, periodontal diseases, or sometimes dental injury. If you are on the verge of having a dental implant done, read this article to explore some benefits implants offer. Improves Your Appearance And Self Esteem You will feel normal because a dental implant ultimately looks … Continue reading “What Are Some Benefits Of Having Done A Dental Implant?”

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Invisalign vs. braces; which one to choose

February 28, 2021 1551 Views

We can’t imagine living without our teeth; they are one of the essential assets we have. Teeth play a vital role in talking, chewing, biting, smiling, and many other daily activities. They are responsible for giving us the most beautiful smiles in the world; however, what if, due to any reason, their appearance fades. Thanks … Continue reading “Invisalign vs. braces; which one to choose”

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Dos and don’ts after tooth extraction

February 15, 2021 1075 Views

With the rising oral problems nowadays, tooth extraction is one of the standard procedures today. People suffer from periodontal diseases, undergo injuries or accidents, or have other health issues that affect the teeth and gums. No doubt that it is the last resort any dentist would opt for when there is no chance left to … Continue reading “Dos and don’ts after tooth extraction”

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