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Food Stuck in Wisdom Tooth Hole? 5 Helpful Tips to Remove it

Jun 15, 20234116 Views

When you reach your late teens or early twenties, chances are your third molars will erupt. In many cases, wisdom teeth are impacted or grow at an odd angle, which leads to painful symptoms. Hence, your dentist might recommend wisdom teeth extraction to save you from all the discomfort. While you wait for the empty […]

5 Potential Causes of Snoring in Females

May 30, 20233080 Views

Snoring is the response your body has to multiple factors; therefore, a lot of factors can result in a person snoring, whether they are a male or a female. So, it should not come as a surprise that women, too, snore. To learn what causes snoring in females, carry on reading. 5 Causes of Snoring […]

TMJ Ear Pain: All You Need to Know About the Link Between TMJ & Ear

May 15, 20232451 Views

Pain in any part of the body can be pretty distracting and keep you from performing your best. Imagine having ear pain out of nowhere, and now you cannot figure out what might be causing it. Did you know a common reason behind ear pain is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMJ disorder? TMJ is the […]

3 Efficient Techniques to Floss With Braces

Apr 30, 20232560 Views

When you have braces, it can take some time to adjust to the changes. One of the challenging aspects of braces is flossing your teeth. Many individuals cannot figure out how to maneuver the floss and dislodge food particles with the orthodontic device getting in the way. If you neglect to floss, it can lead […]

How Invisalign Works — Is it Worth the Hype?

Apr 15, 20234533 Views

Did your dentist suggest invisalign for your misaligned teeth? Invisalign treatment, which makes use of clear aligners, is becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits they offer. It helps treat orthodontic issues such as misaligned teeth, bite issues, and more. Since it does not use metal brackets, Invisalign is pretty convenient to wear, and […]

My Wisdom Tooth Has A Cavity, And It Hurts — What Should I Do?

Mar 30, 20233849 Views

Among the many dental problems, a cavity is the most common issue many people experience. But have you ever heard of a wisdom tooth cavity? Yes, just like other teeth, your third molars are susceptible to cavities as well. Decay can occur in any part of your teeth, and it can turn into a cavity […]

5 Sleep Apnea Treatments You Should Know About

Mar 15, 20232495 Views

People who suffer from sleep apnea stop breathing in their sleep or experience pauses in breathing. Although it can be scary, there are sleep apnea treatments to improve your condition. But can sleep apnea be cured? The answer to that is complicated since treatments and lifestyle changes help manage or reverse the condition. However, there […]

Why Do I Have Swollen Gums With Braces? Are they Treatable?

Feb 28, 20231533 Views

Do you have swollen gums with your braces? Dental braces are orthodontic appliances to move your misaligned teeth into proper positions. Even though the treatment is effective, it can cause redness and soreness in the gums. Your gums tend to swell when your braces are new and are being adjusted. However, swollen gums could indicate […]

The Braces Procedure — How Long Does it Take?

Feb 15, 20232388 Views

Do you have misaligned teeth? If yes, your dentist might recommend wearing braces to straighten them. Braces can help eliminate dental issues like gaps, crooked teeth, and more. However, many people wonder, “How long does it take to get braces?” In this blog, we will explain what to expect when getting braces. Keep reading to […]

4 Different Types of Partial Dnetures For Front Teeth

Jan 30, 20232255 Views

Despite what the cartoons show, not everyone needs a full set of dentures. Sometimes, a partial treatment is just what’s needed. A person falling face first will most likely damage their front teeth. Similarly, accidents or injuries that target a set number of teeth need to be treated accordingly —- this is where partial dentures […]


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