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What Does The Black Spot on Your Tongue Mean?

Jul 30, 20221069 Views

Our tongue has many functions. For instance, it allows us to speak clearly and taste our meals. Therefore, it can be alarming to see patches on your tongue. While it is usually harmless, a black spot on the tongue can signify severe conditions too. Depending on your medical history and the spot, you can figure […]

Why Are My Gums Turning White & What Should I Do About It?

Jul 15, 2022452 Views

Healthy gums are supposed to be pink. White and red gums can indicate underlying health complications, from canker sores and anemia to oral cancer. Keep reading to discover why your gums are turning white. Reasons Why Your Gums Are Turning White Many factors contribute to pale gums. You might notice that your gums look white […]

Bumps In Back of Throat – Cobblestone Throat

Jun 30, 20222026 Views

What disease causes the appearance of bumps at the back of your throat? Not diseases, but certain health conditions may give our throat a cobblestone appearance. The bumps on the throat are basically lymphatic vessels that grow in size. Little Bumps At The Back Of Throat – Causes In case you suffer from tiny red […]

Milk Tongue vs Thrush – Why Is Its Tongue White?

Jun 15, 2022148 Views

As a new mother, you spend ample time of your day observing your newborn baby. You learn something new every day, and for first timers, everything is heightened. You may notice a white coating on your baby’s tongue which marks either of the 2 things; milk residue or oral thrush. But how to distinguish which […]

Is This Bump On My Gums A Boil?

May 30, 2022841 Views

Self-examination of the oral cavity is a good habit and is fruitful in helping the identification of diseases in the early stages. By practicing it, you may be able to see and rectify issues such as white dots on lips, bump on gums or white spots on tonsils, etc., as soon as they emerge. In […]

Salty Taste In Mouth? Know Why It Tastes Bad

May 15, 2022565 Views

What does it mean to have a salty taste in your mouth? You are fine one day, and the next morning everything in your mouth tastes terrible, more like salty. Was it something you ate, or is your body telling otherwise? Mostly, it is not a matter of concern, and with a few DIY home […]

How Long Do Braces Hurt?

Apr 30, 202279 Views

Pain is an inevitable part of getting braces, but many patients want to know how long do braces hurt? The truth is that the pain associated with having braces depends on several factors, such as the type of braces you have and the process of adjusting your teeth. While it may be uncomfortable at first, […]

Introducing Xylitol; Savior of Your Teeth

Apr 15, 20221531 Views

Found in plants and trees, xylitol is a natural sweetener and sugar alcohol contained in many fruits and vegetables. Moreover, even the human body produces it in small amounts due to metabolism. Not only does it have 40 percent fewer calories than sugar, – but there are a lot of benefits of using xylitol for […]

How Long Does Dental Anesthesia Last?

Mar 30, 202290 Views

When it comes to dental procedures, many people may be concerned about the effects of anesthesia, such as how long does dental anesthesia last. Anesthesia is a vital part of any surgical procedure, and understanding the different types and how long they last can help you make an informed decision about your dental care. Types […]

How to Halt Receding Gums and Save Your Smile!

Mar 15, 202290 Views

If you’ve been noticing your gums receding, you’re probably starting to panic. Don’t worry – there are several steps you can take to stop the progression of gum recession and keep your teeth looking their best. We’ll talk about three main ways to stop receding gums and get your smile back on track. What Causes […]